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    Site with questionable ROTS scenes for kids

    I came across a site last week that had a breakdown off all of the scenes in ROTS that may be questionable for younger children. I can't seem to remember where I saw it now. Someone at work wanted to read it because she is debating on taking her 5 y/o to it. I told her most of the scenes but still want to send her the link so she can judge for herself. Does anyone recall seeing that site somewhere??

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    Re: Site with questionable ROTS scenes for kids

    Did you check your browser's history? The site may still in there.

    This site has links to movie reviews for parents:

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    Re: Site with questionable ROTS scenes for kids

    Got it. It was on Here it is if anyone else needs it.

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    Re: Site with questionable ROTS scenes for kids

    I think Lucas was wrong when he said he wouldn't take anyone that is under the age of 10 to this movie. When compared to TPM and AOTC, the only scene that is more violent than any in those movies is the Anakin burning sequence and maybe the implication of Anakin executing the younglings. When those scenes approach, just cover your childs eyes. I never saw the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark until I was like 10 years old because of how scary it may be to young kids, but I was able to see the rest of it. There's no need to deprive a child of watching the last Star Wars on the big screen just because of one or two scenes. Go see it first, judge where the inappropriate scenes are and cover their eyes. I'm a parent myself, so I know. I don't see what the big problem is with Lucas making this one have one scene of intense violence. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is full of them and children are going to want to go see them because their parents may have read the books to them.
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