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    Need Master Replica's Replacement Parts?

    I recently had one of my display shelves crash onto my MR Jedi Remote
    The plastic "fork" that holds the remote in place on the stand broke off inside the Remote. After panicking, I sent an email to MR requesting a replacement part. It took a couple of days to get a response. When I called a rep, he told me to search on for "A.J. Collecting." After unsuccessful attempts to find that website, I gave up. Fortunately, MR responded to my email about 5 days later....They offered to replace my damaged piece free of charge after I emailed them my address and the correspondence we swapped on email.

    In a related story, Gentle Giant Studios helped me earlier this year when one of my Asajj Ventress lightsabers broke off in her hand on the maquette. They sent me a replacement saber in 3 days! It's great to know that we can get support from these 2 companies!!!

    "Soprano Man"

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    Re: Need Master Replica's Replacement Parts?

    Glad to hear the good news dxdave! Its fortunate that us High-End Collectors are covered for the most part by the companies we collect.

    BTW, welcome to the boards dxdave!
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Re: Need Master Replica's Replacement Parts?

    MR's pretty good with replacing parts. One of the maroon buttons on my luke ESB LE popped off the metal piece it was attached to and they sent me a replacement. It took a few days for them to check to see if they had it in stock, but once they found it, i got it in about 2 days.


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