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Thread: Spaceballs II

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    Spaceballs II

    I remembered hearing a rumor that Mel Brooks was thinking about working on a second Spaceballs movie (The Search for more Money as Yogurt says?) anywho I did a little search and found out it won't be a movie but apparently an animated series. The pilot will be one hour and then 13 half hour episodes. Does anybody know anything else about this?

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    Re: Spaceballs II

    Yes. Originally Mel Brooks was going to do a sequel film, "Spaceballs 3: The Search for Spaceballs 2". But Mel decided to go with an Animated Series instead, the one that you've heard infomation about. I think the project is up in the air at the moment.

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    Re: Spaceballs II

    "We ain't found **** !"

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    Re: Spaceballs II

    I think I'd rather have a movie than an animated TV Series, but the TV Series will probably be much easier (and cheaper) to do.

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    Re: Spaceballs II

    The movie has been out for so long that I dont think this cartoon will do all that well. When are they going to air it? Doubt it will be prime time, not with the cartoon block on FOX now. New movie would have been better. I mean it's not like the original cast sans Candy is doing anything better with their careers.
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    Re: Spaceballs II

    yeah, what's Rick Moranis been up to lately ?

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    Re: Spaceballs II

    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    yeah, what's Rick Moranis been up to lately ? and

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    Re: Spaceballs II

    so in other words, nothing since 1990.

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    Re: Spaceballs II

    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    so in other words, nothing since 1990.
    So 2/3rds of the "Honey I shrunk...." trilogy counts as nothing? Need I also remind you about doing a voice in "Brother Bear" along with "Little Giants?" Doesn't sound like 'nothing' to me.


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    Re: Spaceballs II

    Last Sunday I saw Ep3 again and behind the ticket counter I saw little flyers promoting the next Spaceballs. I was running late so I really didn't bother, but it was a Clearview theater if anyone is interested. I don't know what they said, but it had pics of some of the character's heads against a sky background.
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