@ WM Southridge, I found:

#38 AT-TE Gunner (Clone Army)
#45 Tarkin
#46 Ask Aak
#47 Meena Tills

@ WM Nitro, I found:

#38 AT-TE Gunner (Clone Army)
#41 Clone Trooper (Super Articulation!)
#42 Neimoidian Warrior (Neimoidian Weapon Attack!)
#43 Wookie Warrior (Wookiee Battle Bash!)
#44 Destroyer Droid

I purchased 3 Gunners, and 1 of each of the 45-47. Southridge still had a few more of 45-47. I went to Nitro and found a couple of new cases. They had 41-44. They also had 37-40, but I purchased the two Gunners out of that case. I don't know if they had any more cases. Good luck.