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    Best Female Bassist....

    SO who is the best? My vote goes to Rayna of Coal Chamber fame. Saw her twice and each time she just belted it out. Sean Ysaualt was pretty good. (White Zombie) but she wasnt as good as Rayna. Since i know it will come up the Bassist from Kittie really isnt too great. She was way to stoned when i saw her and she plays sloppy. I still belive Jason Newstead is a Woman so he gets honerable mention.... NOT!
    Sigh... For once in my life i have nothing to say...

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    Re: Best Female Bassist....

    The only female bassist I could even think of was Sean Ysaualt from White Zombie. I never have cared for Coal Chamber so I can't speak for Rayna's ability.
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    Re: Best Female Bassist....

    Not familiar with alot of female bassists, but of the ones I know of I'd say D'Arcy Wretzky.

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    Re: Best Female Bassist....

    There's no such thing!

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    Re: Best Female Bassist....

    I liked Drain STH, so I thought Anna Kjellberg was cool.

    But I'm not an expert on female bass players.

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    Re: Best Female Bassist....

    sean is really good, and perhaps my favorite, although jennifer arroyo from kittie is just awesome.

    but don't forget carol kaye. she's older now, but she was the very first commercial bassist. she played with such unknown bands as the beachboys you may not care for the music she plays, but she has scary good chops.


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