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    Re: Best Male Bassist Living....

    i play stuff from both bands, and the deep purple is simpler and a lot less aggressive. i like korn because the basslines ARE more complex, louder and more aggressive - i like old deep purple pre-80's, too.

    sounds like you're probably my age - most people my age seem to believe that most new music is bad, and stuff from when they were younger is good. of course, our parents thought OUR music was bad, and theirs was good. i guess that's how it usually goes.

    Quote Originally Posted by mabudon
    Uhhhhh.... KORN didn't do anything for anyone, the bassist from Deep Purple beat them goofballs to it by about 20 years
    All KORN did was prove that even the term "Metal" can have shameful connotations

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    Re: Best Male Bassist Living....

    Korn had a great sound in their first album. Unfortunately they've only repackaged it for every album since. Even from the first album though there has been nothing outstanding about any of the musicians. Perhaps compared to the wave of new-punk that we are seeing the Korn stuff seems amazingly complex.

    Rock and metal use to be filled with amazing musicians and they put out some seriously indepth songs musically speaking. Ever since the early to mid-90's when grunge took over we've seen the level of musicianship decrease with every passing year.

    There's still plenty of great new metal out there that have some great musicians. If a band has been seen on TRL or other aspect of MTV then there is a pretty good chance that they suck. Remember, MTV is about the image, not the music. Heck, kids are going to see Ozzy play now not because of his music but because he had a TV show.

    That reminds me, Geezer Butler has had some great albums both with Black Sabbath (I'm ignoring a few of the late albums) as well as solo. I enjoyed both is G//Z/R and Geezer solo projects.
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    Re: Best Male Bassist Living....

    Slightly different genre, but I believe the last I checked, both John Paul Jones and John McVie were still living. Where's the love?

    I think Mr Jones needs no introduction, but Page and Plant deserves kicks in the groin for leaving him out of their reunion efforts post-Zep.

    Say what you will about Fleetwood Mac, but I don't believe it's possible to listen to that bass line on "The Chain" and not think John McVie is just absolutely kick-arse.
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