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    Re: Hi-Res pics of #51-#56.

    I'm not too impressed with any of them in particular they don't quite compare to the first 41.
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    Re: Hi-Res pics of #51-#56.

    They're ok. The only one that I would have an interest in would be pilot kenobi.
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    Re: Hi-Res pics of #51-#56.

    I can't wait for Turbo Tank Driver and Kenobi, they both look pretty good.

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    Re: Hi-Res pics of #51-#56.

    Zett reminds me of Jerry O'Connell from "Stand By Me" and the Mustafar Sentry dude looks like one of the Spy vs. Spy guys in drag. Mr. Utupau has a nice uniform, though.
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    Re: Hi-Res pics of #51-#56.

    Heh heh, the Mustafar Sentry does look like one of the Spy vs. Spy. Prohias would not be proud.

    I like both the Sentry and the Utapaun; probably buy multiples. The Tank Driver is okay, but that's a pretty big cannon he's toting around.
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    Re: Hi-Res pics of #51-#56.

    They look ok, nothing special. I think Antliilies looks like a karate champ from a Kung-Fu movie.
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    Re: Hi-Res pics of #51-#56.

    I dunno, I think they look pretty good myself. My only complaint would be that ridiculous gun the Turbo Tank Driver is carrying. The one positive I can see coming out of that thing is hopefully it contains some sort of firing missle action feature that way the figure itself remains gimmick free. It also looks like we may have our first decent Obi-Wan figure in the ROTS line. I'm optimistic.
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    Lightbulb there looks to be at least one good thing about the ttd. . .

    . . . its design is so similar to atrt's unarticulated pack-in fig, it erases any doubts i may've had about passing on the latter

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    Re: there looks to be at least one good thing about the ttd. . .

    Yeah, right down to the colors it and the AT-RT driver match. It definitely looks like the huge frickin rifle he comes with is a missile launcher as the Neimodian Warrior's gun is the exact from the movie but bulked up to accomodate the missile.
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