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Thread: Yoda Mini Saber

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    Yoda Mini Saber

    does anyone know if MR is already shipping these Yoda minis? or are they still on pre-sale?

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    Re: Yoda Mini Saber

    Last I heard, the Yoda mini is shipping in July. However, Master Replicas' own website seems to be way behind on the times somehow. I bought my Obi-Wan and Anakin ROTS sabers nearly a month ago from Best Buy, and MR's site still has them listed as shipping in "April/May" and "May/June" respectively.
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    Re: Yoda Mini Saber

    Damn that sux about the backlog.... I guess I'll just wait until people start buzzing about it, by then they'll probably be shipping it out.

    I just got an ObiWan ep3 mini on ebay for $24.

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    Re: Yoda Mini Saber

    The Yoda Mini should be plentyful after they start shipping. Since you can go to Best Buy now and purchase any of the current Minis.
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    Re: Yoda Mini Saber

    Hawaii sucks, we dont have a Best Buy or Target here oh well theres always online i guess...

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    Re: Yoda Mini Saber

    I feel your pain. I lived there from April 97-June 01 and it was always difficult to find Target exclusives for a reasonable price. In fact it wasn't until the TRU TIE Interceptor came out that I was able to trade for the Target exclusives I needed.
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    Re: Yoda Mini Saber

    The Yoda saber will be really cool but if its the .45 and its already half or more than the other sabers thats going to be pretty small maybe hmmm a cool necklace


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