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    Question Anything above #44 in Chicagoland???

    OK OK OK>>>
    So, where in the world can I find figures 45 and up??? I've been searching everywhere... calling everywhere... and nothing! I live around the Naperville area in Woodridge (as y'all can tell from my info on the left). I've gone to Wal-Marts, Targets, TRU's, KB Toys and Kohl's. I have the typical 9-5 job downtown Chicago... so I can only get to the stores in the evening. When I call to see if any of the stores have items in stock (so they can hold on to them for me to pick up that evening), I usually get someone who is not familiar with Star Wars and doesn't undertand my descriptions, someone who doesn't want to take the time to look for me (which is kind of understandable), or they just smply don't have anything.
    Also, has anyone seen the Clone Trooper 3 pack? Any variation will satisfy me (white or colors).
    I need some help.
    This may be going out on a limb, but if anyone works at one of the stores in the Woodridge, Bolingbrook, Darien, Naperville, or closely surrounding areas... it would be awesome if you could let me know when you see a bunch, PM me, and then I can call the store to have them hang on to them for a few hours.

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    Re: Anything above #44 in Chicagoland???

    I live in the Wheaton area and haven't seen anything above those. I'm still looking for #38 too!!! No clone 3 packs, but i'm guessing they'll be appearing soon.

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    Re: Anything above #44 in Chicagoland???

    I've seen other figures from the Clone 3-pack wave (Crab Droid, Spider Droid, Stass Allie w/ BARC Speeder) at Targets, but no Clones. I wonder how many are in the case assortments???

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    Re: Anything above #44 in Chicagoland???

    I have found Figures # 45, 46, and 47 one time at my Wal-Mart in Villa Park. I pointed the sets to a couple of collectors that morning, and they were grabbed up within minutes.
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    Re: Anything above #44 in Chicagoland???

    Recently, I was at the Target on Western/Elston area. There, I picked up the new wave of Deluxe Vehicles (3rd wave). Also, they had numerous of the Wookies, Nemodians, etc. wave...

    Usually, I pick up things when I go visit my friend in Peru, IL. There just aren't as many collectors down there and I can check WalMart, Target, and TRU. Usually, it's Wal Mart that is most beneficial on these trips.

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    Re: Anything above #44 in Chicagoland???

    I wrote this in another thread, but I think it applies here as well because I STILL can't find a thing past figure #44, and that was a few weeks ago. It feels wierd coming out of a store empty handed so frequently. The stores just don't seem to be getting ANYTHING!!!!

    I've searched and searched, but I've come up with nothing. I've called the stores first thing in the mornings, I've tried to go by the stores when I get off of work, or when I have a lunch break, and I can't find the Tarkin wave or higher. Also, no Clone 3-packs anywhere. The stores that I call are still no help. I'm still getting someone on the phone who knows nothing about Star Wars figures, or they say that they have never seen the wave, or that the only box of that wave was sold out... yadda yadda yadda. Now, as I understand it, "Collection 2, Wave 4" is supposed to have: 1x Count Dooku (EIII #13), 1x Bail Organa (EIII #15), 1x Padmé (EIII #19), 1x Mon Mothma (EIII #24), 1x Vader's Medical Droid (EIII #37), 1x Polis Maasan (EIII #39), 2x Tarkin (EIII #45), 2x Senator Ask Aak (EIII #46), 2x Meena Tillis - Mon Calamari Senator (EIII #47). Also, "Collection 2, Wave 4.1" is supposed to have:1x Padme (EIII #19), 1x Vader's Medical Droid (EIII #37), 1x Polis Maasan (EIII #39), 3x Senator Ask Aak (EIII #46), 3x Tarkin (EIII #45), 3x Meena Tillis - Mon Calamari Senator (EIII #47).
    So the moral of the story... there should be plenty of figures from this wave floating around and it's not! What's the deal!!!???
    So... I'm still looking. Please let me know if y'all see some around the area. Thanks!


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