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    Mon Mothma's Flying Circus-SW shows NOT to make!

    I'm saddened to say that whatever SW TV show comes up...It'll SUCK!
    Cases in point:
    The Original Battlestar Galactica (John Dykstra OG ILMer)
    The Star Wars Holiday Special
    Every 20/20, Entertainment Tonight,etc. done around a SW theme
    The Droids/Ewoks Adventure Hour
    The Ewoks Animated series (Droids was cancelled no 2nd season)
    Any making of including "The Science of Star Wars" on Discovery channel
    The cut up moives shown sparcely
    The Clone Wars cartoon (plus the DVD was too expensive for 63 mins. most of them commercials).
    And now for something completely the same.....
    Maury: The DNA evidence has come back.... and LUKE.... He is your father!!!!
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    Re: Mon Mothma's Flying Circus-SW shows NOT to make!

    I don't agree with you on some of those things, I definitely don't agree on clone wars micro-series, but what I'll say about it is they had plenty of things to look back on and say, ok that didn't work so what can we do that will. I think the clone wars is a perfect example of how they're getting better with tv.
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