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    Beckmen's Vader with Operating Table Review

    I have never cared too much for packaging. I am an opener. Always have been, always will be. That being said, the Deluxe figures packaghing works, but it isn't as good as the Basic line. I dig the bubble and card design of the Basic figs. The Deluxe line is kind of no-frills. Boxy and not much thought put into the card design. All of the parts of the figure are shown through the blister, yadda yadda yadda.

    The paint job is the main gripe here. They once again (or for the first time, actually) watered down the crispy flesh of Vader. His face is purplish like he was holding his breath or something. My friend was freaking out when he saw it saying "They made him look black! It's like Mace Windu as Vader!". Yeah, his face looks bad alright. The rest of the figure has a pretty good paint job, other than his mechanical hand, which again is copper instead of black like it should be.

    The sculpt isn't too bad (other than the Vader Mask Chin), the scars are there and stuff, but it's ruined by bad painting. I really wish I was artistic enough to fix this myself. About the Vader Mask Chin: Anakin's face ends where the lower part of the mask begins. It doesn't work. It's obvious that the human head part of a seperate peice of plastic than the Vader Mask and neck. It looks quite cheap up close. His arms aren't that great either. They are straight and only bend at the shoulders, so Vader kind of looks like the stiff Vintage version of the character. But worse than that is his right hand, the mechanical hand is skinny and dis-proportionate to the rest of his body, and the glove that fits over it is massive and bulky. His other arm/hand is OK. The chest and feet are cool. I like the plugs on the legs, it looks pretty cool. The cape and Saber that come with the figs are pretty nice. I like the plastic cape as oppose to soft goods. Looks much more realistic. I don't care what you punks say. The table that comes with the set is kind of cool. I like the Binders that open and close and I like the sculpting on the table itself. The sculpting on the stand thing that the table is attached to is much softer, though. Pity.
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    Re: Beckmen's Vader with Operating Table Review

    This could have been such a cool figure, but instead Hasbro decided to settle for mediocracy. The head is way to smooth, nowhere near enough damage. And don't tell for the kids, c'mon! The table itself is cool, but the figure sucks! By the time all the pieces are assembeld it's just not very pleasing.


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