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    Searching for Electronic Lightsabers

    I looking for the EP3 Electronic Sabers(selling between 15 and 20 bucks), I need Dooku's and Mace's. I only saw them at walmart but now they are long gone. Im in SoCal but if you see them hittting at any store, let me know.

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    Re: Searching for Electronic Lightsabers

    Good luck. Sabers haven't been in ANY store here in FLorida since the movie came out.
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    Re: Searching for Electronic Lightsabers

    thanks, I just came from a Target in San Fran Valley and they had Anakins, Vader, Yoda and Obi set but no Mace or Dooku.

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    Re: Searching for Electronic Lightsabers

    I bought the only 2 Mace sabers TRU had on the 3rd.....they haven't gotten any more to date. Haven't seen them elsewhere either. Good luck.

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    Re: Searching for Electronic Lightsabers

    Thanks, Target has been getting the 2 assortments 1) Anakin, Obi and yoda, 2) Anakin (color) Obi, Yoda and Vader (motion). Walmart nothing, TRU the old electronic.

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    Re: Searching for Electronic Lightsabers

    FYI, i have seen plenty of lightsaber being restocked at local walmarts.

    But ,i have also Found the new 'laser' Silly string blaster at target, can't wait to break it out later today and laser the kids.


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    Re: Searching for Electronic Lightsabers

    there at stores in the morning and then later on, gone...

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    Re: Searching for Electronic Lightsabers

    Thanks Ive beening going to the walmarts out here (socal) and they are absolutely empty. TRU say they dont have any lightsabers in the warehouse and that means at least a few weeks before we see any on the shelves. Targat has been getting the same wave (anakin, obi wan and yoda)but the rumor mill sayes that their going to be slowing down the star wars toys line. One last gasp before the dry spell before the xmas toys start arriving (sept). I think most of retailers got stuck with alot of product with the last movie and under ordered. Shame, this is the hottest line out there but no product. Tons of Batman begins (peg warmer) and fantastic 4, but the kids are in the star war section looking at empty pegs.

    I picked up the energy beam blaster at target too, those are going to sell out fast. (i dont know if you can use regular silly string in them or you have to pay the 6 bucks for a refill.)

    Get what you can, I think it is going to be a hard hunt for star wars over the next 3 months

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    Re: Searching for Electronic Lightsabers has Anakins, Obiwan and Dooku in stock
    only 99 of anakin, 26 dooku, 15 Obi wan left, and dropping fast.

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    Re: Searching for Electronic Lightsabers

    update Anakin 76, Obiwan 7 and Dooku OUT OF STOCK,
    I give it an hour and they will all be sold out.


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