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    Weekly Review: R5-D4

    This weeks review is R5-D4. First released in 1979 on a 20 back card and available until the end of the line in 1985. R5-D4 can be found on most major card back type 20 and higher, but not POTF. There are no known major variations.

    I really don't have much to say about this figure. I think everything I said about R2-D2 applies to R5-D4 right down to the third leg should have been the accessory. Although little more than an R2 knock off R5 is still a worth while figure. I'd even say a must have if you owed the Sandcrawler or Y-Wing.

    I never had R5-D4 as a kid (and yet some how I got by). This is one of those figures I pick up in the fall of 1999 on a big eBay shopping spree. For the condition this figure is in I paid twice what I should have. But hey, live and learn right?
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    Re: Weekly Review: R5-D4

    I've always liked R5 better than R2. Blasphemy, I know. The big problem with the vintage one is that, like R2, his "electronics" are represented by a sticker. One that tends to be stained and yellow 28 years later.

    I've been in the running for a few, as recently as a few weeks ago. I'll get him sometime.

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    Re: Weekly Review: R5-D4

    R5D4 is a must have for any vintage collector. I had one as a kid but I don't know how i got it. Mine had a marker line on the dome but I don't think I put that there. I have since picked up numerous R5s in collections off ebay and I have some real nice ones in my collection with excellent stickers with little or no yellowing. Both the R5 and R2 also worked well as cannons.


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