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    coolest PC mod EVAR!!

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Salsa Shark.. I think were gonna need a bigger boat..[/FONT]

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    Re: coolest PC mod EVAR!!

    Bah, I say JediTricks is the coolest mod !

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    Re: coolest PC mod EVAR!!

    Bah, I say JediTricks is the coolest mod !
    I dunno Caesar, after the way we've been arguing about SW lately? I doubt you would.

    Nice to see a balance of practicality and aesthetic there BTW. I wonder if the guy actually built the TIE case first and only *then* realized he could use it as a table too.
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    Re: coolest PC mod EVAR!!

    Come on JT, you wouldn't want my life to get boring, would you ?

    On topic, that really IS a cool PC !

    Didn't somebody make a case out of a Milennium Falcon as well ? Of course, it wasn't as big as that TIE though.

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    Re: coolest PC mod EVAR!!

    I think the Milennium Falcon was just the toy with computer parts crammed in it, nothing on the scale or skill of this mod.
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    Re: coolest PC mod EVAR!!

    I just saw this the other day and was greatly impressed. It's a clever idea and well put together. As for the Falcon. It's just the toy with the tower and all of the electronics placed in it like stated above.
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    Re: coolest PC mod EVAR!!

    have you guys seen this mod before somewhere? On their message boards a couple guys said they'd seen it before, and maybe won other mod contests. Just curious. but yeah, way cool.
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