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    Who Will Be The Sneak Preview Figure???

    That goes for Figure or vechicle if Hasbro is going to do it?

    Who do you think should be the preview figure?
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    The rumor was it was supposed to be some one named :

    Shaak-Ti ???????????
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    IMO it should either be a Mandalorian Warrior or a previously unseen bounty hunter. If Hasbro did a jedi points thing (POP) to get the figure they would sell tons more figures.

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    I highly doubt that we would lucky enough to see such a cool figure produced as you have mentioned. Sadly it will probably be a character who has some notable screen time and dialogue, but is not a huge part of the film (as Mace Windu was in E1). The same goes for the vehicle (as the Gian Speeder was in E1).

    Still... it will be cool to see what they come up for us!
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    Ok, so if this is the Sneak Peek figure, who is it? Character name I mean. Or was this just a gag to illustrate how obscure the character will be?

    I had heard rumors of two Sneak Peek figures, Shaak Ti (supposedly a Shaak, a bulbous beast of Naboo and not truly a character per se) and Taun We, I believe a minor character with perhaps some dialogue. Someone's assistant if memory serves.

    Anyone have other ideas? Was that Taun We in the EII Snapshot?

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    The character in that select photo is the rumored Shaak Ti. The real scans released to the public included this character. She can also be seen in the most recent making of video on the official site...."A Twinkle Beyond Pluto".

    Taun We is another character entirely. If you wish to discuss that character, I think we should move the conversation to a new topic in the E2 spoilers forum.
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    Thumbs down

    There was also a rumor about Toys R' Us getting several exclsuives. I think Hasbro shot that down though.
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    Hasbro probably shot that idea down because of all the TRU stores going with new plan-o-grams and re-org. That and their just one case of figures this quarter policy!
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    If I had to go for a figure I would probably go for something like Captain Typho or a nondescript Jedi.

    Reasons, pretty much as I outline below. (minus the vehicle part )

    A vehicle would be the rickshaw speeder with RIC-920.

    reasons? They aren't major spoilers for the movie but whet the appetite. Much like the Mace Windu and Stap of EPI. Plus, the rickshaw speeder is used by main characters but isn't a major vehicle. It's small enough to make a good bulk manufacture that kids will go for. It's a vehicle with a figure. It's got cute appeal. It doesn't use much plastic in production. It's a design that's in the bag as far as the film is concerned. They featured it heavily on the official site. I really want this vehicle......


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