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Thread: ROTS WV update

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    ROTS WV update

    In case you haven't read the article.

    Start saving those pennies for September!

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    Re: ROTS WV update

    Should be another awesome set and I can't wait.

    September feels a bit early (AOTC WV came out in Nov' 02) but even if it does get pushed back a bit it will be a most welcome addition to my collection ! Best of all is the news of some autograph cards.

    The sketch cards are neat but come on, it's been way overdone.

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    Re: ROTS WV update

    I have still yet to get an autograph card from any of the series. I'll be optimistic.

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    Re: ROTS WV update

    So what do you think of the big reveal on the new set ?

    I think it looks fantastic and I can't wait to get it in September. Nice to get a break from those sketch cards and the style of Autograph card looks great. I love the morphing cards, too, I'll be getting both hobby and retail sets of those.

    Looks promising !

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    Re: ROTS WV update

    Exciting! I'll be getting a box of the hobby cards and buying retail packs, as usual.

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    Re: ROTS WV update

    This popped into my head this weekend: the ROTS WV cards are coming out in September, yet there's been no mention of promo cards for this set.

    The regular ROTS promo cards were announced months in advance. It makes you wonder if there aren't going to be promo cards, or if the promo cards will come later?

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    Re: ROTS WV update

    Sure there will.

    Topps will release a promo card for the set, available at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International, and another as a mass-market retail card.
    The mass market one will be easy to get (Non-Sport Update, Wizard, etc. I assume ? ) but the SDCC one might cost a buck or two to buy if you don't know anyone who is going ?

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    Re: ROTS WV update

    And I know three guys at ComicCon!

    Wonder if they're checking their email??

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    Re: ROTS WV update

    Several of us in the local club have sent messages to our friends attending ComicCon to try and pick up the WV promo cards for us. Hopefully, they will be successful.

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    Re: ROTS WV update

    Last year I managed to NOT get the Comic-Con card. This year I'm pretty sure that I'll try and get a few.


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