Hello all,
Well my Wal Mart has been very good to me and I have found everything to date from the Vader emperors wrath wave to the 2nd deluxe wave and the 25th ann 2 packs of luke and han. So I figure the last full wave of figures and the 3rd 2 pack will not show..ust paranoid I guess. Ayways.
I seek
Vader and Obi Wan final duel 25th Ann 2 pack
And of course the wave after Zutton
I have
Mega Destroyer droid
I can get
Emperors wrath wave
Zutton wave
Sandytroopers X ?
Scout Troopers X ?
Dark spirirt vader
General Leia
Mass Ameeda
Duros Wave
Aurra Sing
And random other things.
I seek other toys as wel. Vintage carded and so on. If you have anything of interest and need some of the above then give me a mail with what you have and we shall see what can be done.
Lemure77@yahoo.com or VampireSavior77@excite.com
thanks again