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Thread: Which book...?

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    Which book...?

    ...can I read about the ship "The eye of Palpatine"? In one book I'm reading they refer back to this ship and what happened on it, and I really want to read the story.

    Also, I have seen a few reference to a ship called a "Sun Crusher" and it being like a death star. What are these? And is there a book that has a story about them?


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    Re: Which book...?

    I Think The Sun Crusher Came From Hier To The Empire. Not Sure On The Other One

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    Re: Which book...?

    I'm also pretty sure the Suncrusher was from Heir to the Empire. As for the other one, I'm not positive on the title but I think it was from the book in which they clone Palpatine, it sounds familiar and I know I read it but I can't remember the title for the life of me

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    Re: Which book...?

    The Eye of Palpatine was in a book called Children of the Jedi (7 years post ROTJ), which is probably the worst novel written for SW. In it, Luke falls in love with the computer on an automated Dreadnaught that is going around the galaxy to pick up sleeper cells of Stormtroopers but malfunctions and picks up Tuskens and Gamorreans instead and brainwashes them to think they're Stormtroopers. The Dreadnaught (the Eye) was sent in the early days of the Jedi Purge to kill off the Jedi's families (yes, this was way before AOTC came out) who were hiding on a remote world, but was stopped by Callista, the worst Jedi Knight ever, who died but transferred her brain into its computer. It's awakened and continues on its course while Han and Leia have to deal with Palpatine's son, who can perform mind tricks on droids for some reason, until Luke and the Callista program destroy it and Callista's mind is transferred into the body of one of Luke's dead female students, who he then has a love affair with that lasts through one pretty good book (Darksaber) and one almost as bad as this one (Planet of Twilight), until she leaves and dies of some weird toe fungus in the bathroom at a gas station on Dantooine.

    Sad as it sounds, I did not make any of the preceding up. Except for the part about Dantooine, which I consider a fitting end for such a pig terd character.

    The Sun Crusher comes from the Jedi Academy Trilogy by Kevin J Anderson (6 years post-ROTJ). In it, Han goes to establish diplomatic relations with Kessel, but is double-crossed. He meets a Force-sensitive teen named Kyp Durron, and the two escape into the Maw (a region of black holes near Kessel), where they find an Imperial installation where the original prototype for the Death Star is stored. They escape captivity in the Sun Crusher, an indestructible starship that fires torpedoes capable of making a star go supernova. Kyp is dropped off at Luke's newly founded Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, and the Sun Crusher (which can't be destroyed) is thrust into the gas clouds of Yavin.

    Unfortunately, Kyp falls under the influence of the spirit of Sith Lord Exar Kun and retrieves the Sun Crusher. He uses it to destroy the Carida system, where he believes his brother died in Imperial custody. He learns minutes before the system is destroyed that his brother lives, learns the horribly power of the dark side, and repents. Exar Kun is defeated, and the Republic finally figures out a way to destroy the Sun Crusher by sending it into a black hole when Admiral Daala of the Maw Installation decides that Han probably wasn't lying about Palpatine being dead and decides to wreak havoc across the galaxy with her miniature Death Star (which is also destroyed by a black hole).
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    Re: Which book...?

    Jedi Academy trilogy wasnt bad.How the Suncrusher slipped past the New Republics Intelligence is beyond me.Perhaps it was explained,but I havent read the JA Trilogy in about five or so years so the detail escapes me.

    I'm with you on Children of the Jedi Chux.Horrible book,not even worth reading really.
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    Re: Which book...?

    Oh, I thought this was about the illegitimate son of Palpatine who had a third eye. Trioculus was such an evil villain, he lasted six whole books!

    We have some threads in this section about good books (yay! ), bad books (boo! ), and those that fall in between (uh... yay? boo?) Search around and have at 'em!
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