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    Re: San Diego Comic Con 2005

    Long time reader (started back in 2000), first time poster. Yes, I will be there for all four days and it would be great to hang with some of you cats. Very cool offer SirSteve...

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    Re: San Diego Comic Con 2005

    I will most deffiantly be at comic con with my girl friend all 5 days of it. I would like so much to go to this.


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    Thumbs up Re: San Diego Comic Con 2005

    I plan on driving down from Vegas on Friday afternoon. I am 100% sure I will be there Friday and Saturday. VERY COOL OFFER!

    This will be my 1st Comic-Con. This would be a great addition.

    Ron Hudy

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    Re: San Diego Comic Con 2005

    I will be making the trip with a friend, we are coming from Austin, TX.
    Those who lay eyes on a Gundam, shall not live to tell about it.
    -Trowa Barton

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    Re: San Diego Comic Con 2005

    What time is the party? I will be there but not until later in the afternoon (5 or 6 pm).

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    Re: San Diego Comic Con 2005

    I will be there for all 4 days and would love to go to the party. how many people can we bring if we end up going?

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    Re: San Diego Comic Con 2005

    Hey Sir Steve,
    This is a great offer and I would love to be part of the Master Replica Party. I missed the opportunity at CIII, but I love chattin with these guys and gals (of course meeting Star Wars Celebs is always a bonus). I will be there everyday, so count me in for Friday night. I would only have one guest. If not, I know I will see you at the Fan Club Breakfast, which was great last year.

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    Re: San Diego Comic Con 2005

    hey steve, my brother and I would love to attend the master replica private party and we will be both be attending comic con on friday. please hook us up steve. thanks and have a blessed day . Remo

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    Re: San Diego Comic Con 2005

    Hey Steve,
    I will be attending Comic-Con 2005. I will be taking my nephew, who will be attending his first time.
    I've been a Star Wars Fan for a while now and have done some really cool stuff during my time. Now that I've lived through so much and experienced everything about being a fan of Star Wars, I would like to share it with a young Padawan. I've managed to inspire my nephew, who is only 12, to join the force. He really wants to meet Ray Park. The first Light sabre Duel he ever saw was Darth maul versus Qui-Gonn and Obi-Wan. He was hooked when he saw that scene. I would really value the opportunity to expose him to Star Wars Celebrities while he's young. I'm pretty sure if he got this experience he would never forget it.

    Sir Steve, Please make this happen!!!!


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    Re: San Diego Comic Con 2005

    I want to go to the Master Replica party. I will bring two friends with me. I want to meeting everyone.



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