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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    Cool! Do the triggers actually work on the Blaster replicas?

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    Not on this one. MR now locks the triggers. Basically so customs or others cant mistake them for real guns. I believe the Han Blaster from ANH has a working trigger.
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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    Well, it's been two weeks now and my LE Obi-Wan ROTS saber should be shipping out tomorrow. The only part about this deal that still has me happy is the seller is including a free mini saber for Obi-Wan from ROTS. This will probably be my only LE for quite a while so I'm very anxious to get it.

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    Did you get it off Ebay?

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    I did. They offered free shipping via UPS and stated 95% of their orders ship that day. Unfortunately mine fell into the other 5%. I contacted them multiple times and finally got some help last Wednesday and was told it would ship then. Nope. I called again today and was told that UPS forgot to pick it up but it will go out tomorrow. I'll believe it when I see it.

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    How much did you buy it for from Ebay if you dont mind me asking?

    And if its a good price then i guess the long wait is worth it, but I do hate it when sellers take forever to ship and I pay that instant via Paypal. But atleast youre getting an Obi ROTS mini $35 value hehe.

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    $365 give or take. The best part of the deal was the free shipping and the free mini saber. What does MR charge for shipping? One thing that I'm hoping for is that I'll get lucky and it will be the gold mini saber, but I'm not holding my breath...

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    I think MR charges around $20 to ship a LE saber. Well i highly doubt you will be getting a gold variant as the seller can easily look into the cover and see if its gold or not. Im sure he wouldnt be that ignorant to just let a highly sought after gold piece go that easy hehe.

    the best way to get the gold's by chance is ordering direct from MR or other big companies like walmart or kbtoys, bestbuy I think. I got lucky and got my Mace Gold mini from sw-fan HQ and that was his LAST one. I originally ordered and paid for a normal mace mini.

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    I know the chances are slim, but it's fun to hope! Besides I'll be so jazzed by having the LE I probably wouldn't pay much attention to it! Once I get it I'll be sure to let you know. I'm also waiting on a mini Vader saber that I got on ebay. But at $30 I'm not as worried about it as I was the other.

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    Congrats on getting the Obi-Wan LE Jediboy. You're gonna love it!

    MR usually charges around $20 to ship an LE. Some of their LEs on their site have free shipping.
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