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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    i've surprisingly found a gold anakin and 2 gold obiwans. 1 obi was pure luck, picked one up at Best Buy. but i went to Books A Million and they had about 20 mini sabers there, none with the shrinkwrap. guess the employees there have no clue

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    Thats awesome man, i would do the same thing too hehe.

    Being here in Hawaii we dont have a Best Buy yet... but one is supposed to open up here in late fall I think, probably before xmas!

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    The mini Darth Vader ep 4 showed up today. A fantastic little piece! I'm still waiting for the Obi-Wan LE. The seller claims to have dropped it off at a UPS location today, but since it's still not scanned in to their system, I'm not believing him. I'd almost just like to have my money back and buy it from someone else.

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    Man, I sympathize with you especially when you dropped 4 grills on something like that. I'd be stressed out too. hows the sellers feedback?

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    The rating is over 26,000 so they aren't new. I understand that things can happen but it's soooo frustrating. I did check UPS again this morning and it finally shipped last night. Hopefully it'll be here soon!!!

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    I just got an email last night informing me that my Darth Sidious LE is in stock and ready to ship. Cant wait to get this one!
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    Hello Guys!

    Just got home from Post Office!! Woooohoooo!! Got my C3 Exclusive SandTrooper Bust and C3 Exclusive Obi-wan mini saber!! Woooohoooo!!!

    By the way, the C3 obi mini is still sealed... anyone know if they have only one color or do they have variant? I'm still thinking if I'll open it or not. As for now I'm not going to open as I'm still waiting for my display case to arrive

    I'm a happy man today, hope you guys are too


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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    where did you get your CIII Obi wan mini and where did you get the display case?

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    i plan on getting one of these soon for the mini sabers

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    I was thinking about getting that, but I am afraid I don't like the hinges and latch,, they seem to stick out too much.

    I think I will build my own display case when I get some time.


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