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    Just Arrived in the Mail

    In my mailbox today was a surprise! Straight from KB Toys online, my Darth Vader EpIV and Count Dooku mini lightsabers!

    As soon as I had the cash scraped together to get these two beauties, they were sold out everywhere I looked except for KBToys onlne.

    Let me just say the Darth mini is my new favorite. So many more intricate parts and details than any of the other minis in my collection so far.

    This brings my collection to one Anakin Gold chase, one Anakin regular, 2 Best Buy exclusive Sidious minis, the Darth, the Dooku, and the Obi Wan Mini.

    Looking forward to the Yoda!

    Good, collecting,

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    Cool! I'm patiently (sort of) waiting for my LE Obi-Wan and mini Obi-Wan to arrive from an Ebay auction. To take the edge off yesterday I picked up the mini Anakin from Best Buy. No gold plating for me, but it's cool anyways and looks nice next to my Best Buy Darth Sidious!

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    Are the best buy sidious and regular mini obi wans and anakins ( Basically the three that were available at Best Buy) getting harder to find?

    I know they're scarce here in Houston.

    What other ones do you have, or are looking for, Jediboy?

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    They are cool, i have the darth sidious gest buy, epi darth maul, epii count dooku, epvi luke, epiv darth vader, epiii obi-wan, epii obi-wan, epiii anakin, epii mace windu, waiting for the yoda and the darth vader iii to come out and the other darth sidious. ilove them all one of the nicer star wars stuff that is out there on the market. my fav is obi-wan epiii thats the best
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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail


    I only have the BB Sidious and the Ep III Anakin so far. I ordered the LE Ep III Obi-Wan and .45 Obi-Wan off ebay and am waiting for them to come. They are all very cool and I'm looking forward to getting more. I've been looking online lately at some of the other minis and there are so many and I'd like to get them all.

    I must learn patience!

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    I finally got my mace windu mini in the mail, and I was so stoked to open the FedEx box and when i did, I find that my mace mini is the gold chase one! NOt bad for paying just $39 for it, i was definitly surprised and please, however now i have to get another mace mini just to have the regular version and I have to scour the internet to find it! argh just finding somewhere that had the first one in stock was a pain in the ***. haha the irony...

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    I went ahead and ordered the .45 Darth Vader off Ebay today. Now I have this and the two Obi-Wans to wait for. These things are addicting!

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    Yes, they are addicting. The .45 EpIV vader is really awesome. I am looking for a mace windu, obi wan epII and a weathered Obi wan next, not sure where I will find them tho.

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    the Obi-wan weathered mini is absolutely amazing, and is complemented by the as first built by version since they are exact same models just different finishing.

    Yeah they are very addicting. but im torn to whether I should spend money to collect the rest of the mini's or to buy my very first MR LE saber, probably the Anakin EpIII LE, or an Obiwan AOTC LE if I can find it for a reasonable price.

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    Re: Just Arrived in the Mail

    Here's a question for you all. I have both the weathered and "as first built" Obi Wan. The stand for the First Built has the saber displaying emitter side left. ALL my other minis are emitter side right. Zat make sense? Anyone else have that happening?


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