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    Custom Clone Troopers

    Here's some Custom Clone Troopers I've completed over the last couple of days that I thought I'd share with you guys.

    Commander Gree

    Commander Bly & Legion Trooper

    501st Special Forces Clone Troopers

    Shock Trooper

    Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!

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    Re: Custom Clone Troopers

    Those look awesome!! Great Job on the paint!!Keep up the good work!!


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    Re: Custom Clone Troopers

    I'll ask the standard question on the Gree: What did you use for the straps?

    Good job all over. I especially like the Bly and accompanying Bly Guy. Every does such awesome Blys that I may just have to snatch one of the Clone Commanders I just saw at my local Wal-Mart, so I can try Bly. After all, my Aayla Secura sure is looking pretty confident that she won't be shot in the back any time soon.
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    Re: Custom Clone Troopers

    Thanks for the kind words.

    For Gree's straps, I actually used rubber bands. They worked awesome.

    Good luck on your Bly. Be sure to post a pic when you're done!

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    Re: Custom Clone Troopers

    Those are excellent!! One question how did you do the "weathered" look to them, that is very impressive

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    Re: Custom Clone Troopers

    Master Kenobi,

    take me as your padawan, will you?

    as i've told you before, that's some great work you got there!

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    Re: Custom Clone Troopers

    good work on the customs. i have a cutom that i'm in the process of planning out and hopefully i will soon begin. but thats a secret for now. but great work none the less. the shock trooper is my fav out of the troopers you did.
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    Re: Custom Clone Troopers

    When I was watching ROTS tonight and I saw Cmdr. Gree and I thought of your figure and the likeness was pretty dead on. Good job, bro.
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    Re: Custom Clone Troopers

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Spoon
    Those are excellent!! One question how did you do the "weathered" look to them, that is very impressive
    Im not exactly sure how he did it but its not that hard.
    Take the color of PAINT (any cheap kind of brand is fine- make sure it is not a glossy kind, model paint, fabric paint, or sharpie paint) you want to use, black or brown work well, and squeeze a little bit onto a paper plate (or whatever you use). Then get a small ammount of water and put it on the opposite side of the plate. Start drawing some of the paint and water together in the middle. If you want the weathering to be dark use less water more paint and vice versa for less. Then take a paper towl and fold it so you get a tice point and then tear off the point (if desired- this is for application of weathering and a bunch straight lines dont usally look good for weathering). Then dip the tip into the mixture and apply to figure as desired. If you dont like how it came out just rub it off- but if you do you might want to seal it with spray on sealer so iit doesnt rub off.
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    Re: Custom Clone Troopers

    I disagree with matt. I don't think paint is a viable way to weather your troopers. It tends to come out sloppy and is not precise enough when dealing with such a small area.

    I use Pigma Micron pens to do all weathering and battle damage on my customs. I use the 0.30mm tips and they work very well. You can do everything from slight scratches on the armor to the more pronounced weather effects.

    I can pick the Pigma Micron Pens up at Michaels or Hobby Lobby - I highly recommend them.


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