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    Re: Which FX saber should I get first?

    it'd be nice to have an updated Luke. why make it an exclusive though? that gives me the impression that it will just be a reissue.

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    Re: Which FX saber should I get first?

    Well, we'll just see when MR gives the official details.
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    Re: Which FX saber should I get first?

    It wouldn't be so bad if it became a Border's exclusive. At least Borders is nationwide and probably somewhat accessible to most of us. I do remember seeing a while back that one of my Borders had about 30 Mace Windu FX sabers by the cash registers in the front. At that time I guess they weren't selling that well and MR unloaded all of their extras to Borders. I remember the price being only $99 bucks too. I had already bought mine, but was still surprised to see that many there.

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    Re: Which FX saber should I get first?

    I'd really like to see a Luke ROTJ update, it's my favorite saber in the movies and deserves a little better treatment than it got. If it's a Borders exclusive, I will definitely buy it there unless it's way overpriced, but as long as it's pretty much any national retailer that I can find in the LA area, I'll buy it wherever it goes.
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    Re: Which FX saber should I get first?

    i'm more than happy to buy at Borders if i can find them there. hopefully they'll get the Anakin back in stock


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