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    One more 45 in the pile

    My dear wife just handed me an Obi Wan Attack of the Clones mini lightsaber for my birthday. That brings my collection thus far to:

    Gold Anakin Ep3
    regular Anakin Ep3
    ObiWan Ep3
    ObiWan Ep2
    2 Best Buy Black chrome Sidious sabers
    Dooku daber
    Darth Vader Ep4

    I am looking forward to these in the mail:
    Obi Wan Weathered
    Obi Wan Collectors society exclusive Gold
    Darth Maul Undamaged

    If you live in or near Houston Tx, (like I do) go to BedrockCity Comics, they are a MR dealer, Also Third Planet. Books A Million in Katy Mills mall has non-shrinkwrapped minis, evidently they don't think people will open them to see if they're gold or not. I have not checked Nans yet. Also there are some Best Buys still that have the black chrome Sidious still as of this weekend.

    Happy collecting, all. and Happy Birthday to me


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    Re: One more 45 in the pile

    Happy Birthday slothfurnace.

    I love getting Star Wars gifts from family members.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Re: One more 45 in the pile

    Happy birthday too! As great and awesome as my girlfriend is, she has yet to buy me a star wars collectible heheh. Im sure it's in the near future tho just wonder what it might be.

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    Re: One more 45 in the pile

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: One more 45 in the pile

    Happy B-Day Sloth! Congrats on the new addition to the collection!

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    Re: One more 45 in the pile

    i have an extra gold ep3 obi wan i'm thinking about putting up on ebay. like you said, Books A Million for some reason doesnt have them shrinkwrapped, so i pulled out an anakin and a 2nd obiwan

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    Re: One more 45 in the pile

    DX how much u selling for, im very interested

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    Re: One more 45 in the pile

    i was thinking like $100 plus shipping. i've never shipped anything to Hawaii so i dunno how much that would be.


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