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    Which FX saber should I get first?

    Currently, I only have the Anakin AOTC FX lightsaber, and I've been meaning to get one of the new ones. Especially with the new features, and more realistic feel(not so bulky) from what I've heard. I'm just not sure if I want to get Mace Windu's saber, or Vaders 1st. Surfing around on Ebay, I see auctions for both of them that claim they are out of production. Now I know Ebayers tend to be full of ****, but can anyone tell me if one of them is about to go out of production? So I'd rush to get that one first.

    I missed Luke's saber alltogether, now they can be had on Ebay for upwards of $300. Hopefully MR will make them again. Speaking of which, what FX sabers are being planned for the future? I'd kill to get a Darth Maul double bladed saber, as well as Dooku's.

    Also, I'm selling my Anakin saber on Ebay to get a ROTS version. New features, plus it's also Luke's first lightsaber.
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