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    NJO is supposed to be the big series that passes the reins from the original heroes (Luke, Han, Leia) into the hands of the next generation (Anakin, Jacen, Jaina...and I guess, Ben) since the original heroes are all 50+ years old. I'm thinking some of them will probably die (Han and Leia) before it's all said and done.

    There is one story arc I would like to see after all this NJO business. Closure of Luke and Leia finding out about their mother, Naboo, etc...

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    Rollo, you know that any Prequel-era info will not be integrated into EU until at least AOTC has been released. I expected Luke to "accidently stumble upon" a lost Jedi Holocron that tells the tale of his mother and father, plus the extermination of the Jedi Knights.

    Maybe Luke and Leia will turn out to be clones of Ewoklings, or something.
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    Originally posted by Bel-Cam Jos
    Rollo, you know that any Prequel-era info will not be integrated into EU until at least AOTC has been released. I expected Luke to "accidently stumble upon" a lost Jedi Holocron that tells the tale of his mother and father, plus the extermination of the Jedi Knights.

    Well NJO doesn't end for another two years, then I assume they'll have a few interim books before the next big multi year series. If that one in some way focused on Luke and Leia looking for answers to their past, that'd be cool. Perhaps the Sith are rising again (Kyp?) and Luke needs to find out about how they came to power last time. Enter tantalizing clues about Naboo (Senator palaptine's "homeworld"), which lead to more tantalizing clues about Queen Amidala. If it was another multi year series, the truly revelatory installments could be hitting stores just AFTER the release of III. That way the story could follow both timelines, Luke and Leia finding out about Padme and at the same time the kids dealing with the Sith resurrection trying to get a foot hold in the crumbled remains of the Republic. "Stumbling across a holocron" is a fast and cheesy way out of a potentially interesting and drawn out storyline...

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    I hope the Sith do rise again, they are one of the most interesting aspects of Star Wars, maybe Kyp will take the "Darth" title.
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    I might be in the minority, but I think Kyp's "Darth" title would be Darth Stupidcharacter.
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    Maybe Dash Rendar will reappear and he and Kyp can fight over who's the worse Han Solo clone! I used to like Kyp, but now he's getting old fast.
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    I gave up on the EU Star Wars booksafter the first dozen or so, because starting with Andersons Jedi Academy Trilogy, I just thought most of them were poorly written, or mostly, they just didn't seem at all like the Star Wars I see when I watch the movies.
    There were a few exceptions to this, but mostly that was how I felt.

    I started reading the NJO at Vector Prime, and I found myself interested, at least enough to buy the next one. (Although I thought Vector Prime was honestly one of the worst 5 Star Wars books Ive read.)

    The writing in Vector Prime, I thought was lousy, but it got me interested in the story. So I've read every one since then; some good, some not so good (ALL better than Vector Prime thank goodness) and I'm always interested to see what happens next, even if I don't like the way the story is being told.
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    Originally posted by preacher
    None of the other stories spent as much time focusing on Chewbacca as Vector Prime did, so I knew something terrible was going to happen. At least the dog did save Anakin. Which is why I don't think Anakin is dead; it would make Chewbacca's death totally pointless. Anakin is going to bring balance to everything. Of that I am certain.
    I don't know about that. Even if Anakin is dead, he has still saved thousands of lives since Chewie died. That would still mean Chewies death had some meaning.

    The more I think about it, the more I really hope Anakin is dead for good. I've never found his character nearly as interesting as Jacen and Jaina, and I'd rather see them becoming the heirs to the Star Wars legacy. It's not that I hate Anakin or anything, I just think his death and all its consequences would be a LOT more interesting than having him magically come back to life.

    But I agree with you Preacher. There is no wy they will leave him dead. Despite all the people who die in the NJO, they are barely ever main characters. With the exception of Chewbacca and Fel'ya the characters are usually introduced in the same book where they die. Whoevers in charge of the NJO I don't think would dare to take a big risk by killing off Anakin.

    Too bad...
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    Actually, I think Anakin's birth was an "accident." Dark Empire had one child born to Leia and Han, but the Thrawn trilogy had twins, and supposedly DE happened after Thrawn's exploits, so the continuity had to be adjusted. So, maybe Lucasbooks just said, "let's ditch the 3rd wheel."

    And calling Chewbacca a "dog" is a low blow. Booo! No respect for the dead?
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