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    Unhappy ANYTHING Different Than NJO in the Future?

    I don't recall if the SW Insider had a list of all the upcoming SW books or just the New Jedi Order ones, but is there any other subject matter in the works (except for E2, of course)? I am getting SO tired of "hmm... let's kill HIM!" and "let's destroy THIS planet!" stories. Some have said this is like the downer plots of ESB, but c'mon! Even that "dark" film had some good points and side action.

    Anybody else getting fed up with the NJO (Novelists Just Over-write) series?
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    I got REALLY fed up with all the super weapons that the empire had a seemingly endless supply of in the previous series. Proto-death star, suncrusher, dark saber, eye of palpatine, etc.

    The only super weapon I did think was pretty cool were the World Devestators in Dark Empire.

    Those stories were absolutely rediculous.

    NJO (I might be in the minority here) I enjoy. This is a true war and is putting all the characters to the test. I felt no emotional tie to chewbacca ever, so I didn't take his death to heart like a lot of people did. Honestly I saw it coming. None of the other stories spent as much time focusing on Chewbacca as Vector Prime did, so I knew something terrible was going to happen. At least the dog did save Anakin. Which is why I don't think Anakin is dead; it would make Chewbacca's death totally pointless. Anakin is going to bring balance to everything. Of that I am certain.

    When NJO is finished, it will have totally changed the Star Wars galaxy. As long as there is finality by the end of the story arc I will be satisfied. Just for God's sake DO NOT let Kevin Anderson touch it! Ever! He gave us the glut of superweapons...where is the imagination?

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    Arrow Hmmm...

    I like Kevin J., but not the World Destroyers, so it appears we differ on a couple things, preacher! Yes, the glut of superweapons wasn't so original, but I just thought that the story lines weren't so dramatic as NJO.

    I think the "totally changing the SW universe" aspect is what the publishers are looking to do, but will SW fans enjoy what's left? Can you write a SW story without the key players? Maybe, but I think it could backfire on them.
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    I don't see why everyone seems to hate Kevin J, I didn't love his books but I didn't hate them either. The World Devestators were okay, some of the superweapons were cool.
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    The big problem I had with Kevin J Anderson (exception being his Jedi Tales series) was his corny forced drama.

    Case in point: Han is off to rescue Leia in "Dark Apprentice", Lando comes along and starts getting on Han about the whole "The Millenium Falcon is my ship" business. Han and Lando choose that instant to have the Sabaac winner take the Falcon game to which Han loses.

    There were two huge problems I had with this little interlude. First Han is not the type of guy to take a half hour and play a game while his beloved in is danger. Second, Lando has more tact (mind you not much more) than to pick on Han while Han is clearly anguishing over the fate of his wife.

    I liked it when Anderson actually wrote action and didn't try to have forced dialogue between characters. The other thing that really grated at me was the fact that in "Dark Saber" he built up the Hutts to be the huge danger, takes up an entire book to write about it and then it is their own stupidity that ultimately gets the Hutts killed, but not before Crix Madine dies a meaningless death. At least Chewbacca's death had a point in that it underscored how seriously he took the life debt thing. Crix choose proved that he was chump.

    Lastly that Exar Kun just happened to be on Yavin seemed awfully cheesed as well.

    I liked the World Devastators because they had a secondary purpose besides raising havoc. They also refined processed materials into material that was used to mass produce TIEs. Fresh technology that had never even been hinted at in Lucas's world, but still had that Emperor-esque' total disregard for life.

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    Okay, I agree with you on the Han/Lando thing, Lando never got serious about wanting the Falcon back before that. Exar Kun didn't just happen to be on Yavin, that's where he was killed and he had lots of dark-side temples there, so that's where you'd expect his spirit to be!
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    Don't get me wrong I liked Exar Kun. I just didn't like the fact that as Jedi Tales was being written the third book in Jedi Academy Triology just happened to stumble upon his spirit.

    In summary I enjoyed Anderson's take on what occured 4000 years before ANH and apparently Lucas did too because the double bladed saber and the master and apprentice rule were translated to the big screen. I really did not like his poor handling of the main characters and his train of super weapons.

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    Upcoming List

    There doesn't seem to be too much on the horizon except Episode II and New Jedi Order books; however there are a few in the juvenile line, if you're interested. Check out the upcoming list here.
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    From I read in the SW Insider that Star by Star was the 1/2 way point in the NJO. So I would guess that we have a lot more NJO books coming.

    I to am getting a little bored with the NJO books. Its gets a little frusating and I find myself saying,Luke do something for haven's sake. I think its about time for the Jedi to start kicking some real *** and stop playing with the vong.IMO.
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    So is Obi-Don spelled backwards is Kyp Durron? Is the old Def Leppard song "Action Not Words" playing? Maybe the Dark Jedi will join Kyp, and that will prove to Kyp that just randomly attacking the Vong isn't the correct way. Be patient, my Jedi friend, Obi-Don!
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