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    Help Figuring Out Your PET CAT's Behavior

    This is The thread for cat owners here on

    We all can share the joys of owning some of our favorite animals!

    Or their ownership of us...

    To lead off the discussion for the day, I will introduce one of my pet cats to you with a very unusual behavior.

    I will leave her name anomymous to protect her identity.

    Well, my cats are sisters, and I've raised the two, almost identical black short-hair domestic females together, as they've always been since they were conceived.

    While I'm still able to mistake one of them for the other if they are just sitting there on the window sill watching birds or something, their behaviors set them distinctly apart.

    One of mine eats a lot more than the other, and I think she might have an acidic stomach because she's really needy when it comes to eating breakfast especially.

    I feed them Eukanuba premium dry food (interchanging salmon and lamb chop flavors) for the majority of the day.

    Once an evening, they share a can of Fancy Feast wet food for which they will whine and beg for, and even send me to the store for, if I'm even the slightest bit delinguent on feeding them.

    Well, the more athletic, easy-going, often shy one will eat most of what's in her side of the dish. The Gobbler? She'll eat her share...


    I wonder if she says a prayer after dinner? It's not hostile. It doesn't warn the shy kitty away. They get along great.

    If I go into the kitchen, she pipes down. It's when I'm out of the room, I observe, and definitely hear this behavior. It goes on for over a minute or two. And she's like saying different words - it's not just "me-ow."

    What is going on?

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    Cats are C****
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    Re: Help Figuring Out Your PET CAT's Behavior

    my fiance's cat is obsessed with being in the bathroom with us... something she's been trained to do, however. but i know what you mean with the "cat sentences" because once she's in the bathroom, she jumps up on the sink counter and starts in with that stuff like she's talking to you. only in the bathroom! she wants us to turn on the water she drinks and shuts up. but i'm not too sure that the "talking" is for the water, or if it just distracts her from what she's thinking about...
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    Re: Help Figuring Out Your PET CAT's Behavior

    I change my cats' water bowls at least twice a day I think.

    If they don't SEE me do it, they'll sit at their bowl in my bedroom and me-ow at me from beside it. That's the signal to change the water to their satisfaction.

    When they were kittens they were fascinated with drinking straight from the bathroom sink tap, but that passed once they trained me to change their water dish on demand. They don't speak about it in full sentences with multiple words though. I think there's just a short cat-phrase for "fill her up!"

    Still, I'm glad to see someone knows what I'm talking about with these cat "sentences" and their trying to speak different words.

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    Re: Help Figuring Out Your PET CAT's Behavior

    Cats communicate with each other non-verbally, if I remember correctly, so I suspect that any "talking" they do is more to get your attention than anything else. My cat isn't much of a talker except when he gets antsy late at night and does his freak-out - running around the room, rapidly cleaning himself, yelling, exploring, and knocking things over.

    BTW Tycho, how did your cats react to this morning's 5.6 earthquake (8:41am)? Mine hid under some furniture and won't come out still even though it was pretty mild in my area (shaking, a little noisy, but nothing fell except 3 CW SA Clones and my Japanese Hot Wheels 1:64th Knight Rider KITT).
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    Re: Help Figuring Out Your PET CAT's Behavior

    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks

    BTW Tycho, how did your cats react to this morning's 5.6 earthquake (8:41am)? Mine hid under some furniture and won't come out still even though it was pretty mild in my area (shaking, a little noisy, but nothing fell except 3 CW SA Clones and my Japanese Hot Wheels 1:64th Knight Rider KITT).

    Mine sleep with me at the foot of my bed and usually wait for any signs of me stiring to make me become fully awake and head for their food bowl.

    They didn't react to the earthquake at all, but took full advantage of it waking me up to give me my first order of the day.

    Several of my Star Wars figures fell over, most notably the Rebel Fleet Troopers guarding my pink doll house (custom, not-yet-painted Yavin Rebel Base), but though my cats looked to that noise (it was in the other room), they were more interested in seeing if I could make it to the food dish without stumbling.

    BTW, I keep their 2-kitty cat carrier in a corner in my bedroom (open, pet books suggest that animals should be comfortable going in and out so they aren't afraid of being in the carrier when it's necessary). Since they sleep with me, if it had been a bad one, it's always in my mind to quickly stuff them in the carrier, throw some shorts on, and get the heck out of my building.

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    Re: Help Figuring Out Your PET CAT's Behavior

    Our family has had cats on and off again from the early 80's on.

    In 1988, my sister obtained a black shorthair cat named Sebastien. A year later my brother chose a grey tiger kitten, Cleopatra, for a gift. These cats lived together with our family, and then moved out with my sister to the city after a few years.

    When my sister got a guard dog for her protection 3 years ago, the cats lives were now miserable, and my parents, who normally don't like cats (especially the odor they left in our basement which took years to clear) let them spend their golden years together where we live in the suburbs.

    These two cats got along famously, even though Sebastien gang tackled Cleo upon laying eyes upon her. They bathed each other regularly and snuggled together on cold nights. When my sister got a third cat named Calla, the two excluded her at every chance they got. While they did make the odd meows near the food dish and such, never did I hear any cat sentences come out of their mouths. The closet to it was Sibby's odd behavior at night.

    Sebastien was neutered at an early age and ever since then, must have some "false limb" feelings that amputees have. Almost every night for years, Sibby would wait until we were in bed and would jump on top of Cleopatra and proceed to bite her, like a male tomcat during his mating ritual. Cleo would moan a prolonged meow. Sometimes the moaning and growling would get so loud that one of us would have to come from our beds and shoo Sibby off Cleo. This kept up until Cleo's death almost a year ago.

    He meows now whenever one of us comes home from work. He watches the house from 8 to 3pm and the first one to arrive home will be greeted with a barrage of meows. I believe they are a combination of him saying hello, and maybe more to the fact that he is hungry or thirsty.

    Speaking of thirsty, he too has a newfound passion for the bathroom. His waterdish may be full yet he prefers a cold drink from the shower faucet. It had gotten so bad, that he would sit by our doors in the morning and at the crack of dawn, like clockwork, he would whine outside our doors for us to get up and get him a drink. About a month ago we purchased a pet barrier that we erect at night to keep him from coming upstairs so that he may not disturb our slumber. On the weekends though, I can sleep in, so I will let him roam the upstairs at night then.
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    Re: Help Figuring Out Your PET CAT's Behavior

    Very interesting Lowly Bantha Cleaner.

    Maybe the cat "sentences" are a detailed threat to the other cat, explaining:

    "I have to leave my food bowl right now to personally attend licking my private parts somewhere discrete, but if you dare approach the remnants of my meal when I'm not in the kitchen, I will remove your whiskers one at a time, step on your tail, bite your nails out, and finally remove your eyes. Please take extra care to not make me angry."

    Or it could be a prayer:

    "Heavenly Father, we thank you for providing humans to serve us. We thank you, The Uber-Cat, the Grand Lion, the King of Canned Food, for providing us with our daily salmon. As we lick the remnants of your blessing off our whiskers, we give thanks and our everlasting promise to control and care for the humans in Your Name. We thank you for automatic can openers and all the other necessities of life for which you provide. We ask you to accept our everlasting gratitude to our Father, in PetsMart, Amen."

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    Re: Help Figuring Out Your PET CAT's Behavior

    Or plotting against you.

    They're watching. They're learning. And they will evolve.


    <_< >_>
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    Re: Help Figuring Out Your PET CAT's Behavior

    Hey they ruled the Egyptians at one point in history, and they helped an army win a fight against them.

    My two cats are named Anthony and Annie. Anthony is calm and really friendly, Annie is a total nut case.
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