I'm new to this site & from what i've seen so far it looks great.

I am in the process of going through my entire star wars collection to start selling.

It has been stored away for years. Since i never see it i may as well pass it on to people who will benefit from it more than i have.

The question i wish to post is regarding the TOPPS WIDEVISION SERIES (RELEASED 1994/1995)

I have a complete set of Star Wars:ANH & ESB.
I also have a near complete ROTJ set

These are the main cards with the odd chase card.

Also i have a complete collection of Galaxy's Series 2 & 3 again these are the main cards with a few dupilcates & some chase cards.

The finally i have a collection of about 50 random Topps cards from various sets & also promotional ones.

I was wonder what types of prices these go for as i have never seen them on sale on e.bay or any other sites.

Most of them are in mint condition (due to plastic protectors & the widevisions still have there original boxes albiet slightly damaged)

I hope this isn't a strange request as i don't want to over charge or give them away.

Hope you can help.


I can supply pictures if requested. Also i will have many more items as & when i sort through it all...Board Games,Toys, Books,Comics, Soap Bottles etc.....