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    Question Anakin Mustafar wave out?

    Over at, they seem to have the run down on the Anakin Mustafar wave and figures in it. They say the release date is June. So are they out yet? Ive only seen the Tarkin wave once around my area, and Im broke until friday... I managed to pick up tarkin but not the other two. But yea, is the Ani wave out yet? Thanks all!!

    P.S. any news on 06 from hasbro concerning ROTS or OT? Thanks all!!

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    Re: Anakin Mustafar wave out?

    Don't rush it...! Most of us can't even find the TARKIN WAVE YET!!!
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    Re: Anakin Mustafar wave out?

    The Anakin wave is not slated to ship untill the begining of August

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    Re: Anakin Mustafar wave out?

    I've been on the lookout for Tarkin -nothing yet. I REALLY want Commander Bacara and have not found him either.
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    Re: Anakin Mustafar wave out?

    Well Ive found the entire Tarkin wave, just didnt pick up Ask Aak or the Mon Calamari, but like I said at galatic hunter they have pics of Anakin Mustafar, pics Ive never seen before, and it says that the release date is June 05.

    Check that out, and see for thyselves!

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    Re: Anakin Mustafar wave out?

    I am still trying to find the Tarkin/Senator wave! Has anyone in Texas seen this wave out yet? It seems all the stores, except for Target, have been making room for other figures like Batman & The Fanstastic Four, ugh. So it seems there will be very few shipments of the new figures, maybe just a case or two for now on figures #45-56. This is upsetting indeed.
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    Re: Anakin Mustafar wave out?

    I found the Tarkin Wave about 2 weeks ago, but have not seen it since or anything newer than that.

    Hopefully they Mustafar wave will show up soon

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    Re: Anakin Mustafar wave out?

    I haven't even found the Tarkin wave, but I did find Anakin Mustafar, Commander Bacara, and the electronic R2. From what I saw there was three Commander Bacara's, four R2's, and three Anakin's. I'm not saying that's how the case assortment was, that's all I saw on the pegs.

    The Anakin isn't really all that great of a figure. The "noramal" looking head looks huge. It looks like he got fat. I got the R2 for my daughter, which might have been a big mistake. She really likes pusing the button. . I also picked up Commander Bacara. I was hoping that he would be a SA figure. But still cool none the less.

    I found them all at Walmart.
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    Re: Anakin Mustafar wave out?

    I don't think the "unbaked" Anakin head is all that. It does look like he ate every meal at BK for the last two months to get the game pieces and the toys! I'm more concerned about getting a nice crispy one to use with my Mustafar playset...
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    **Steven Sterlekar (1969-2001)**

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    Re: Anakin Mustafar wave out?

    Damn! I haven't even SEEN the Tarkin wave yet. And I want 2 Bacaras!


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