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    British Acts Breaking The States

    Are there any?

    During the 60s, 70's, 80's and certain parts of the 90's (Spice Girls) there were so many British acts that dominated the global music industry. i.e. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Duran Duran, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ELO, Black Sabath, The Police, The Who, Elton etc... oh and let's not forget Dexy's Midnight Runners!

    Nowadays it is the American Hip Hop acts that rule the world wide charts and us Brits don't get a look in. It's actually quite depressing.

    I know that Dido is pretty well established over there, in fact I think she had already had a string of hits in the States before we had even heard of her.

    I think I heard that Daniel Bedingfield did ok, and Craig David had one or two minor hits. But what about all the others?

    Coldplay - I believe are making a bit of a name for themselves.

    Robbie Williams - Huge, massive superstar in many countries, probably our biggest star at the moment. Tried to break the states on many occasions, but I don't think they were intrested.

    Stereophonics - Popular Welsh band, had a shed load of top ten hits in UK, and I think at least one No. 1 album.

    Keane - Up and coming, some very catchy tunes using pianos and guitars.

    Franz Ferdinand - Scottish group, not my favorite, but popular none the less, I think they have had a minor hit in the States, reaching the dizzy heights of no. 94 on the Hot 100!

    The Darkness - FANTASTIC! I love these, they're putting the fun back into guitar music, all of the above are good acts, but a bit bland. Sometimes even boring.

    McFly - Much more pop than all of the others, but it has to be said they are a guilty little pleasure of mine! They do write all of their own music and play their own instruments, but they are very manufactured. Some catchy tunes though!

    Anyone heard of these? Why do you think British music is dead in the states?
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    Jek Porky 2008

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    Re: British Acts Breaking The States

    Who needs music from GB when we have such gifted music talents like Chingy, and Hillary Duff. I mean with artists like that who needs the Stones or the Who?

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    Re: British Acts Breaking The States

    I wish another great band would come out of the UK. I'm not a fan of whiny rock so some of these current bands don't cut it for me.

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    Re: British Acts Breaking The States

    While she isn't a rocker, Joss Stone is another Brit doing pretty well here in the US.
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    Re: British Acts Breaking The States

    Granted she isn't rock but what about Kelly Osbourne???

    I'm kidding of course!

    Jim Jam

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    Re: British Acts Breaking The States

    Ah yes, I forgot about young Joss!
    "Giggety giggety!"

    Jek Porky 2008


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