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    Interesting picture Magnolia-Fan .
    ubi mel ibi apes

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    If that old guy was yelling at you you should have just pushed him down and said "forget you".

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    Yeah master jedi, but I remember that guy........he was packin!
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    Thumbs up Indy

    Like Boba Binks, I am familiar with the convention center and surrounding facilities. I've been there for conferences, graduations and sporting events and it is an all-around great facility. You won't be disappointed.

    Indy definitely won't be Dagobah, I mean Denver!

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    I've attached the photo with the sign that said 'No Flash Photography' when there's a flash in the glass.
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    I havent heard alot about the Celebration 2... can anyone help me with where to book a hotel room where other fans will be and any info about tickets? and the exact dates of the event... i know it is in indi but not much else... also I live IN Nashville, Tennessee area.... Does anyone know any other forums on the net to discuss info about the convention... some of you mentioned you talked in other forums too.... you can respond here or email me at thanks---


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    There is all kinds of pertinent info at this site.
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    Oh, I have this picture of a prop and there is a sign next to it that says 'No flash photography' and there's a flash on the glass from my camera.
    I audio taped the opening ceremony.

    Here are some other links, too: <----unofficial
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    So, It's October 1st and so i figured I could go to and reserve my tickets like they said I could, but I go there, and...Lo and Behold...WOTC drops the ball again!!!! This does not bode well for the Celebration II.

    Or maybe I'm just an idiot...where do you go to reserve once you get to the website?????

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    I figure since it's a Monday, everyone runs slow. I've checked once or twice today myself.


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