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    Re: Prices

    Originally posted by OC47150
    I read on another SW site (excuse me, Sir Steve) that the price for a three-day pass may cost between $75 - $85! SW Fan Club members may be passes at a cheaper rate.

    Jeez, Wizards is starting to sound like a bunch of scalpers! A three-day pass for SW Celebration 1 was $35!
    Do they want nobody to go or what?
    75 bucks is crazy. 35 bucks was good and I wouldn't consider paying more than $40-45 bucks on a 3-day pass.

    At the last Celebration I only went on the 3rd day and am thinking about doing the same for the second one.

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    I am hoping that Fan Club members will pay around 60. The price does seem a little steep, but the last one was held outside, and....... well I think the extra money would be worth escaping the elements. On the third day of Celebration 1 the clouds parted, and I saw A MOUNTAIN! I had been there for 2 days prior, and I had no idea that we were parked at the foot of the thing! Still, I am hoping for a good member discount. I would actually like to purchase some of the action figures following the event .
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    I saw that same MOUNTAIN, Jedi Clint! Imagine that!!!

    My friend who went with me to Denver and I have already mapped out our strategy for next year's convention. In Denver, the least crowded day was Friday. We're going to do as much as we can humanly do on Friday, and if we have to wait in line on Saturday and Sunday for something really cool, that's OK.

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    Egads!! $85!!! And that doesn't count the hotel room!!

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    I am considering going to this, but have to ask: What can we expect in terms of security for Celebration II? That's an awful lot of people crammed into one building and a very juicy target for the unthinkable. Remember there are going to be thousands of people from all around the world at this thing, many bringing unmarked boxes of merchandise. Considering recent world events, I just think it is a relevant question.

    Anyway, I sincerely hope I can make it!
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    Honestly, I hadn't thought about it. But you know the planners probably have. But why is SW Celebration 2 any different than a sporting event? I'd say security would be on the same levels.

    Security wasn't that tight in Denver. My friend and I arrived on Thursday, and we drove out to the convention sight just to know where we were going. We could've easily walked into the exhibit building and saw the displays that night just by telling security we were a vendor. We didn't try that, though, but seriously thought about it. Some people did, though, and got a free vendor pass.

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    Hye sorry I am kinda one of the younger fans so I don't get A LOT of info on conventions, when is this upcoming one goign to be?

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    It's the first weekend of May, May 3 - 5.

    Allegedly, tickets will go on sale Nov. 16. My buddy and I already have hotel reservations.

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    oh yeah, and where is it going to be held? State, and the building

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    RCA Dome and Convention Center, Indianapolis, Ind., May 3 - 5.

    It's a very nice facility. I've been to sporting events, graduations and conventions there. The facilities are 100 times better than Denver. The only chance you have of getting wet is walking from the parking lot. Several of the major hotels have pedways that connect to the convention center.


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