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    Question Star Wars Celebration No. 2

    Who plans on attending this event?

    After the experience I had at the last one, I can't believe I am going to this one. I will sum it up for you in one sentence, and elaborate upon request.

    It rained the entire time I stood in huge lines for hours, but Anthony Daniels stood not three feet from me.

    There are a few reasons I plan on attending the next one. And they are.......

    As far as I know Dan Madsen does not run WOTC. His evil empire is no more. Judged by it's actions, WOTC seems to be dedicated to delivering to the fans and not deceiving them.

    The next convention will be held INDOORS!

    The local fire marshal will not permit the area to become so crowded that escape becomes a hazard. I am not saying this event will be less than jam packed, but the lines at the last event were RIDICULOUS! (Ok, I'll elaborate a bit) I still can't believe that they were still selling tickets after it was obvious that there were far too many people there. I can only imagine that they held it outdoors just to rake in the cash by avoiding the fire marshal as much as possible. Some fans came from other continents to attend that event, and they were stuck in the same lines as the rest of us. They may hesitate to attend this one regardless of the current circumstances. There was absolutely no way to see all of the presentations offered in tent A and tent B, even though they were repeated. They had 2 tents for several thousand people. They didn't even have the schedule prepared before hand. One could have at least planned ahead if the schedule were made available prior to the event.

    I hope I am not mistaken about the current circumstances. I feel fairly certain I am not.

    Action Figures:

    If history is any indication, then they will be selling E2 action figures at the event at extremely marked up prices (good for them, bad for us). I bought a few, but I wish I had waited. From the Official store at the event, I got an Anakin ($8). From a private dealer, I got a Watto($12), an Amidala($10), and a Jabba Glob($25). I could have waited 2 days and saved a decent amount of cash. As far as I know they were only selling: Anakin, Padme, and Jar Jar at the Official store on site. I imagine because they got them in cases just like everyone else, and they realized that they should cash in on the peg warmers by tapping the initial thirst for these figures. My guess is 3 3/4 Jango will go for $25 initially, and the 12 inch Jango (if that one is in the first wave of 12 inch) will go for upwards of $75.

    Patience is a virtue! Just make sure you grab Jango off the shelf first during midnight madness!

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    Well, I live in Indianapolis, IN. and all that I can say is YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED with the Convention Center. It is a very, very, very, large building. They just finished renovating parts of it to make it even bigger.
    Once a year they have something called Star Base Indy for all the Sci-Fi geeks and Star Trek nuts. It is a weekend event and thousands upon thousands of people attend.

    I am going to be there all three days.
    I hope to see many people from the net there.

    If you have not made reservations for any of the hotels downtown you better make them now. That weekend is also the begining of one of teh Indy Races and most hotels are allready booked up for that week.
    But you can alwasys saty at a motel on I-465. No matter where you end up on I-465 you are only 15 - 20 at most from down town Indy.
    I believe the hotels at the Airport are also already full.
    This is going to be a weekend of fun!
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.

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    Thumbs up Excellent!

    Thanks Boba Binks,

    I hope you won't mind if I pick your noggin a little between now and then . I will heed your advice and get some reservations asap.

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    Thumbs up

    Pick away! I have been helping lots of people on various sites and forums.
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.

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    Talking Star Wars Celebration

    I'll be there too! Just booked my hotel and my flight! I can't wait, it should be alot of fun. Hopefully they will be a little bit better organized this time. I didn't go last time, but from what I've read, it could have been handled a little bit better. I guess that's how you learn.

    Proud female Star Wars collector
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    I only went on the last day of the first one and I got there before it started and I had to stand in line for several hours in the mud just to get into the gift shop and only spent $80 bucks. I hope for the next one they will have more props.

    Oh, I have this picture of a prop and there is a sign next to it that says 'No flash photography' and there's a flash on the glass from my camera.

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    I will keep that in mind BB. I started looking for hotels today. I also got onto mapquest to find the most direct route, and learn that I would be in a car for 9+ hours.....ugh. Perhaps you have the right idea Meriwyn . It at least has to be a better drive than I80 west from Des Moines to Denver. I swear the scenery didn't change from the time we left Omaha, NE until the moment we crossed the boarder into Colorado.

    master jedi,

    My friend wore Converse canvas shoes to the was one of the only things I found entertaining about standing in line.

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    Hey Master Jedi-

    Speaking of funny photos from the Celebration, I'v got a photo of the security guard who yelled at me for taking "flash photos".

    And he looks ****ED

    If I can get acces to a scanner, I'll post up a link.
    All your base are belong to us!

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    Here's the guy that yelled at me.

    Picture him with a lumpy conehead...

    Who does he look like?
    All your base are belong to us!


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