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Thread: Tuskens

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    Did anybody else notice the Tusken noises when Palpatine says "Remember what you told me about the sand people and your mother?" while on the Invisible Hand? I thought that was cool and some people could dismiss it as being an alarm, but I'm pretty sure it was those pesky Tusken Raiders...
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    Re: Tuskens


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    Re: Tuskens

    Yeah I noticed it on my second viewing!

    You beat me to starting this thread!!
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    Re: Tuskens

    That's definitely the Tusken call but I don't know if I like it. It doesn't really jive with anything else from the Saga. It's good to have something new but it'll take some getting used to.
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    Re: Tuskens

    Maybe it was to represent Ankakin's feelings through the force at that time!

    A bit like "Anakin, Anakin, Noooo"
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    Re: Tuskens

    Could have been a suggestion that Palps was "force-blasting" Anakin with feelings of guilt?? I dunno, if you can imagine that Palps had anything to do with Shmi's kidnapping or death (even if he just "enhanced" the feelings Anakin was having) then it could have been a direct example of that- hit him with a force-wave reminder of his feelings at the most "evil" time in his life so far
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    Re: Tuskens

    It makes sense Mabs, I have thought that Palps had something to do with Scmis death.

    I thought the Tusken calls was a nice touch. Anakin remembering the yells and cries of what started him down the path to the darkside.
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    Re: Tuskens

    Caught it on my first viewing and love it! Now I raise my arms holding my faux gaffi stick.

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    Re: Tuskens

    That and the dream sequences were some of the only things that really bugged me the first time I saw it and that still bug me today. They're totally inappropriate for SW. Introducing a new narrative device this late in the game just doesn't work. It's actually worse than the zoom effect used during the Battle of Geonosis.

    Mabs' explanation makes some sense, so maybe I'll look at this the way I look at the Palpatine voice-over shortly before Anakin turns. I always thought that was actually a telepathic suggestion from Palpatine to increase Anakin's indecision.
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    Re: Tuskens

    I don't think it has any function within the story, it's just a sound cameo for the audience.

    Plus, we only hear one syllable of it, not the whole call or anything.

    I love it.


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