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    that Vlasic stork is a lying fraud

    What's your favorite brand of pickle ?

    For my money, it doesn't get any better than Milwaukee's Best dill.

    In a related story, those "bread and butter" flavored kinds are nasty.
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    Re: that Vlasic pelican is a lying fraud

    I think big green foam rubber Hulk gloves would help that commercial. Or at least the Hulk. Imagine the pelican giving his sales pitch and the Hulk runs out, shouts, [font=impact]"Baaaaah! Puny bird!! Hulk smash!!!"[/font]
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    Re: that Vlasic pelican is a lying fraud

    Good thing pelican season opens up this Saturday.

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    Re: that Vlasic pelican is a lying fraud

    I like me some Klausen pickles. They be crunchy.
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    Re: that Vlasic pelican is a lying fraud

    "Pickles are cucumbers that sold out."
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    Re: that Vlasic pelican is a lying fraud

    I prefer the pre-chewed pickles known as relish.
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    Re: that Vlasic pelican is a lying fraud

    I don't think I have a favorite national brand, I like pickles a lot but haven't paid much attention to the big companies anymore. Bubbies kosher half-sours are really good though, I suppose that'd be it. Right now I buy Trader Joes Kosher and Kosher Half-Sours (though the latter have been WAY too green lately, which means they're not as half-sour as they should be), they're pretty good and much cheaper than the others.

    I don't like sweet pickles in general, they're probably more popular with kids though (kids prefer ketchup on their hot dogs while adults prefer mustard, it's a sweet vs sour thing that changes as you mature and develop more discerning taste). I like spicy hot pickles, the brand I ate all the time in Jr High had straight up capsaicin though so it was all heat no taste of specific chiles or anything.
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    Re: that Vlasic pelican is a lying fraud

    mmmm capsaicin them sounds like good eats JT

    I don't know if you have them down there, but about (YES I said "about") the only real KILLER of the Canadian Pickle scene is STRUB's brine dills.

    I am really curious, too, as to prices of pickles across the border- here a 32 oz jar of the good ones costs almost 4 dollars(CDN) most places and it just seems too expensive (if you really like pickles) and of the cheaper vinegar dills you can find them as low as 1.79 or so

    How is the price structure down there and the sizing- can you get a gallon jar of really good ones, and how much is it usually?? (and I know different areas are all different, so multiple reports are fine I would think)

    And I thought vlaasic pickles were kinda lousy, as well, they just became available up here (before they came across in smuggling compartments in my Granparents car, back in the 80's) so I will have to see if I can get some cheap just to re-confirm this
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    Re: that Vlasic pelican is a lying fraud

    I always thought he was a stork, not a pelican. "Mommy, where do babies come from?" "Check that jar of pickles in the cupboard, Billy." Eww...

    Personally, I hate pickles, and now I'm going to ruin this thread by making rude and insensitive comments about how much I hate these "food" items! Here's one now...

    I do not like pickles.

    Here's another...

    Their taste and smell repulse me.

    I apologize for my inappropriate language.
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    Re: that Vlasic pelican is a lying fraud

    Is this thread gonna go on a long as that damn discussion about apples did?
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