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    Sell collection in groups or all together?

    Alright, I'm ready to sell my collection, but I'm unsure how to do it. I know now that I won't get what I paid, so I want to get as much money in return as possible. Therefore, which way would I make more money? Should I sell the toys in separate Ebay auctions based on category, or should I sell it all in one lot? I have ships, vehicles, playsets, Ep1 figures, POTJ, POTF2, FF, micromachines, roleplaying, etc. Do you think I should sell them all together, or in separate auctions? Thanks.

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    Re: Sell collection in groups or all together?

    this is a good question. i have sold on ebay before, if i had a great item, i would sell it by itself. but when selling multiple items have been hit and miss, i found that if i had one HTF (hard to find ) figure with a bunch of others i was trying to unload, the auction would be ,ok. selling individual figures can be great, but then you know right away what will not sell, no matter how many you put together.

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    Re: Sell collection in groups or all together?

    Yeah, I understand that theory. I'm just unsure if I should make it easier on bidders to sell all the vehicles as one auction, all the action figures as one, all the 12 inch figures as another, you know? I'm worried that if I put them all into one, some people might not want to spend $2000+ when I might get more overall if I sell them to multiple, more intrigued buyers.

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    Re: Sell collection in groups or all together?

    If it was me I'd group basic figures together in sets if you have complete lines. It would definitely make it easier on yourself and by bundling cheaper less popular figures with the rare ones you stand to make more in the long run since you won't get stuck with figures nobody really wants or needs. For example, if you had a complete set of Ep1 basic figures you could bundle all 50 of them together. You could also put together sets from the Deluxe line in a similar fashion.

    I'd sell ships, exclusives and extras separately though.
    Good luck either way.
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    Re: Sell collection in groups or all together?

    Alright thanks. I think I'll try selling deluxe and exclusive, basic figures, larger items separately.

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    Re: Sell collection in groups or all together?

    Have you noticed that loose figures seem to get a lot of bids. Perhaps because of the very low shipping costs. If a figure is not rare, sometimes it will not get bids at all unless the opening bid is really low because even if someone wins an auction for a single figure at say 5.00, it's like paying double for it with the shipping cost. Not rare figures on their cards should be sold at a minimum of 2. Of course you can offer a shipping discount for multiple auctions and that really helps attract buyers. Make sure you state exactly what the discount is, as no one wants supprise shipping costs. A full description of card condition and careful packing really helps. If the card is damaged and it is not rare, why not open it and sell it loose. Even if it is rare and the card is damaged. It's better to sell it loose. For instance, a Mcquarrie Stormtrooper will get more bids loose than one that is on a damaged card for some reason. You will be suprised at how many bids you will get, especially for multiple figures with all their acessories. Make sure you include the slide, comtec chip or force file etc. Keep in mind that trying to pass off a poor condition card as one that is mint or near mint will only get you negative feedback and no one will bid on your stuff. Poor packing can do the same. Beware of the Post Office thin Priority shipping boxes as they can easily be crushed. They are about the same width as a Star Wars card so there is no room for the card to move and 9 times out of 10 the figure will be damaged. Nothing like getting a mint on mint card figure and paying say $20.00 + shipping cost for it only to have it arrive crushed because the seller didn't pack it carefully (I speak from experience as a buyer also) Insurance and the hassle of collecting it for a damaged figure is no substitution for good packing.

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    Re: Sell collection in groups or all together?

    I would definitely sell in groups. As stated above sell one hard to find figure with some peg warmers pretty much just to get 'em to sell. You can also sell a vehicle a 12 incher and a couple of basic figures together to try and appeal to several different collecting groups. Good luck with your sale.
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    Re: Sell collection in groups or all together?

    Group them so that there is at least one rare item with the group...because if you don't you'll get saddled with your rancor keeper and your first wave of cantina bar figures while your ephant monn willl go...package ephant with the cantina wave and rancor'll actually unload em.

    Good luck...let us know what you have for sale.


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