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    Ok, So what's the best place to get...

    What's thet best place to get mini Lightsabers that are no longer available on Master Replica's website? My birthday is coming up, and my wife is asking me for something she can tell my family to get me. I don't want them going through the hassle of eBay, so what's an alternative?

    Anyone have good experience with some of the online stores such as BigTimeComics, etc?

    Suggestions would be great. By the way, my wonderful wife got me the membership to Master Replicas Collector society, I can't wait for my undamaged Darth Maul mini!

    Happy Collecting, Folks!

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    Re: Ok, So what's the best place to get...

    retail stores? Best Buy of course and i found the Obi/Anakin gold sabers at Books A Million the other day

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    Re: Ok, So what's the best place to get...

    But does Best Buy have anything other than the Anakin, Sidious, and Obi Wan?

    I got those already. I am looking for ones like the EpII ObiWan, the EpIV Weathered Obiwan, upcoming Yoda and such.

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    Re: Ok, So what's the best place to get...

    i think just those 3 right now. they'll have the Yoda i'm sure but the older ones you'll probably have to get online

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    Re: Ok, So what's the best place to get...

    Best Buy should be getting all future releases of the minis (Yoda, Sidious, Tyranus, etc). They seem to be 'thee' place to go in somewhere and get them.

    BigTimeComics still has most of the older minis in stock.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Re: Ok, So what's the best place to get...

    For the older mini's and/or exclusives such as the obi-wan weathered, you'd be better off searching around the net yourself as the few sites that have those in stock fluctuate frequently. This is because when they do have them in stock its only a handful and they can sell pretty quick. So you really never know which site or when they will have them. Just do your homework and you cant go wrong. I'd trust a secure website over Ebay anyday, if thats your concern.


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