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    We need more hot-girl figures!

    Really, the only "hot girl" figure that Hasbro has made in a while are Aayla Secura. We got Ayy Vida a while back, with a few sprinkled here and there, but we need more. They should devote a whole line to these - the HGC (Hot Girl Collection). It would include:

    *Padmé Amidala (Fireplace)
    *Pretty much any other Padmé figure
    *Loyalist Twi'leks
    *Nyrat Agira (thong girl from nighclub)
    *Koyi Mateil - I think we all remember her.
    *Rystall (ROTS outfit)
    *Bana Breemu (deleted from ROTS - played by Bai Ling)
    *Barriss Offee (super articulation)
    *Tonnika Sisters (which we're apparently getting soon)
    *Camie (deleted from ANH)
    *Torryn Farr
    *Oola (with a Janet Jackson-style action feature )
    *Princess Leia (slave - laying down)

    Who else is with me?
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    Re: We need more hot-girl figures!

    Well, a reclined Slave Leia just makes sense given that Leia only stood up in that outfit to choke the life out of her lecherous woman-hungry master, Mr. JabbaJohnL--er, I mean Jabba , but I think you forgot Jocasta Nu. Oh yeah . . . Oh yeah!

    Edit: Oh, before I get kicked out of the High Priesthood of the Cult devoted to the actress who played Sheltay Retrac, Bail Organa's aide, I should mention her in any list of necessary hot girl figures.
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    Re: We need more hot-girl figures!

    I'd like a new version of Mara Jade. I think Ms. Jade was the second female action figure introduced in either the vintage and modern 3-3/4" line. Oola came out in the same year though.

    I'd like a Nomi Sunrider figure too.
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    Re: We need more hot-girl figures!

    Thats Mrs. Jade to you!
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: We need more hot-girl figures!

    What better time for a young Beru figure ?

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    Re: We need more hot-girl figures!

    You had me at Hot-girl.

    Sy Snootles lip synchs

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    Re: We need more hot-girl figures!

    I agree the female characters have been cut short and new versions will be a much welcome sight but call me crazy, maybe it's the heat but who is "KOYI MATEIL" ????
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    Re: We need more hot-girl figures!

    She's the one with "healthy lungs" that is seen walking up the steps in the opera house.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    Re: We need more hot-girl figures!

    Quote Originally Posted by mastermatt24
    Thats Mrs. Jade to you!
    More like Mrs. Skywalker.

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    Re: We need more hot-girl figures!

    But.. Isnt it Mrs. Mara Jade Skywalker?
    hurray for birthdays!


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