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    MR Authorized Dealers

    I went into one of the comic shops here in Hawaii and found the only MR Authorized Dealer shops in town. They had a Dooku AOTC LE and a Vader ANH LE i beleive.

    They were being displayed in the box that they come in and the box cover was open. I asked the guy how much and they were both $360. However when I asked if they come with a display case he said NO. He said that MR usually doesnt sell them with the display case.

    This just boggles my mind because everywhere I've looked online for a full size they usually say that they will come with a display case. What gives?

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    Re: MR Authorized Dealers

    ALL Master Replicas come with display cases.

    BUT, the 1st few LE lightsabers that MR offered had the option of getting a display case or not (for less $). Those were Luke ROTJ, Obi-Wan AOTC, and Darth Vader ANH. The sabers sold better WITH the cases so now they ALL come with them. People who bought them without soon called in to buy the case. So no point really.
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    Re: MR Authorized Dealers

    man, you'd be much better off getting them from EBay. with the display cases they still go for around $350

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    Re: MR Authorized Dealers

    I agree with you! at first I was soooo stoked just to find a MR authorized dealer here in Hawaii! But once he told me its $360 for the vader ANH LE WITHOUT a case, I was like, uhhh i can get a wayyy better price for it WITH a case online, forget you! haha Hawaii sucks, everything from a gallon of milk to gas to MR Replicas are OVERPRICED! HELP!!


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