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    Any Suggestions for Displaying?

    Just curious to those experienced MR collectors. Are there any Do's and Dont's in regards to putting your items on display in your home?

    Such as, where do you keep your collection on display, in the living room, bedroom, etc. and Should it be somewhere where sunlight does not reach? It gets humid here in Hawaii as well and do you think that would be a factor in the longevity and quality of my future collection? Any tips will be of help as I am currently thinking of how I should actually display my stuff. I will be looking at differnt display cases, but then comes the decision on where i should put it. Thanks all.

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    Re: Any Suggestions for Displaying?

    I have a very nice oak shelf that I display my replicas on. Its large enough so that I can put 2 lightsaber replicas side-by-side in their display cases. The Darth Maul lightsaber has its own shelf. But its about full now and cant hold anymore. So I'm looking into getting a 2nd shelf that will display more or additional. But, my Master Replicas collection looks great!

    Humidity shouldnt be a big deal nash, since its mostly plastic and metal. I live in Colorado (which of course is not Hawaii) and its humid here -hasnt been a problem for me.
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