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    those hologram figures never do well, rogue II ?
    just look at holo Sidious - but you're right about darth maul and qui-gon...
    definetly would like to see a holo-jedi luke, but I would rather have a new normal one

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    Please make a new jedi luke as seen in jabbas palace with the brown cloak.

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    I don't remember Luke wearing a brown cloak in Jabba's palace. I thought he was wearing all black.

    Now, speaking of cloaks and capes. I hope Hasbro starts making more using cloth like the last Lando and 300th Boba Fett.

    I know Hasbro is going to be making Cantina Sections with figures. I wonder if they plan on doing the same with Jabba's throne room. But there is already another forum for that discussion.
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    I think the need for the Ewoks arises, NOT from the 'popularity' of the Ewoks (Which is nonexistant to a true starwars fan), but due to a want to see EVERY vintage figure released as a modern figure.....

    we don't have far to go either.....from what I understand, it's really just the remaining ewoks, General Madine, and the Imperial Dignitary........
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