I know you will be putting your advertising and developing bucks into the toys and games and hats and shirts and lipsticks and band aids and tooth brushes and so on for Episode 2. I just hope you don't forget what brought the newset 2 movies to the marketing world. The Trilogy. I don't want to see 17 E2 figures for every 1 trilogy fogire to come out this year. I know the great looking Bo Shekk and evil astromech wave is comming out in marchish..but I fear this side of wal mart exclusive vehicles and sundry other store exclusives you are going to let the trilogy go again. We all remember the commtech 10 from the trilogy as being just about the only figs that came out during the E1 times. I know it is important to market the heck out of the new movies..just don't let the classic 3 go...please?
Chad McNeely