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    What Colour Should The EP2 Cards Be?

    What Colour Should The EP2 Cards Be?

    Maybe a blue colour?

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    Oh My God! I am tired of them changing the cards. I hope the card stays as it is forever! But I have already read that there is supposed to be some big idea (this is a rumor) to bring the name back th Star Wars being kicked around. If THIS is the last change done...I will be satisfied as I think the only decent name for the line is Star Wars. No secondary name like Star Wars: Episode II...just Star Wars.
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    I would love blue! But I remember a discussion some time ago about how it was a poor marketing color, so I doubt we'll ever see it. I just thought blue looked so cool on the Episode I MM packaging.

    I agree they should just keep the single banner of Star Wars.

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    Not Yellow!
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    I want them to be either blue or purple.

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    Theorize with me for a sec.

    Since I am a designer of said products, it has long been determined that bold colors such as red and orange make for eyecatching pieces whereas blue is considered a "COOL" color and tended to be looked over. I noticed this myself when I saw that the action fleet boxes seemed to stay on the shelves forever.
    What I would like to see is a purple type of color but again this is considered "COOL" so it porbably won't happen (I know I know Shadows of the Empire had this color and it seemed to work for that line because of the shadow implication) but not with the major toy line. I happen to Like the green that is in current use. Although this is a "COOL" color it is leaning to the "HOT side and also signifies go in traffic lights which subconciously tell us to "GO" ahead and by it.

    Your thoughts?

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    How about an inverse of the curent cards. A mostly white card with green highlights. I don't think that would look too bad.
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    I bet they'll be orange or green. I'm not saying I love that idea, I'm just saying that's what I think they'll be.
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    Old thread

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    Thumbs up NO more changes

    I think they should just leave it as it is. If they have to change it, then maybe a purple red color.
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