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    A little help from the board?

    Hey All,,

    I got a situation down here in Houston. Has anyone ordered anything from R2DToys in the UK? and if so, did you ever get it?

    I ordered a Weathered Obi wan Mini from them on Saturday, and I got an email saying they were out of them in the UK, but he had some in the states, so he was going to get to it in a couple weeks, and asked me to wait for him.

    Just wondering if this is happening to a lot of folks, cause I have never heard or ordered from them, and only did so because the weathered obi wan minis were starting to go for crazy amounts on ebay, and that was the only place I could find it.

    Anyways, anyone have experience with these folks? I am wondering if I should pull the plug on the payment.
    Thanks Boards!


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    Re: A little help from the board?

    Here's a thread where someone wanted to know the same thing. It's got a couple of replies but I didn't read any of them. Enjoy.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    Re: A little help from the board?

    SirSteve gave it his blessing so I'd say stick with it.
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    Re: A little help from the board?

    I think you'll be alright, as long as you dont mind waiting for it. You know that since the weathered mini is not produced anymore any dealer will have to get it from someone else or whatever, so yea its normal to have to wait for it if they dont already have it. I was going to order from them but i didnt due to the high prices and shipping cost. I wouldnt worry about it, its a big company.

    Im waiting on a luke mini from hot movie props since they dont have it in stock either.

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    Re: A little help from the board?

    Yeah, After a couple emails from John, and the response from other collecters, I feel better about my purchase.

    I am glad I ordered it Saturday though, as it's gone up in price around 30 dollars in the past few days.

    Here's to looking forward to packages in the mail!


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    Re: A little help from the board?

    youre going to love the weathered mini, it looks awesome. I wonder how many of these were actually made?


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