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    Vader or C3-P0 Case

    I am looking for the Darth Vader or C3-P0 figure case. Any one seen these lately.
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    Re: Vader or C3-P0 Case

    I remember seeing the Vader cases at WM the week ROTS came out, but those were soon picked up and I haven't seen anything for weeks.
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    Re: Vader or C3-P0 Case

    I think WM (were they a WM exclusive?) had Vader as recently as a month agao but they're gone now. You might want to check and see if they have them in stock there.

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    Re: Vader or C3-P0 Case

    I'm skeptical about them, Hasbro has a way of making cases that DONT fit the figures they make. That and the labels inside are for Classic Trilogy figures.
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    Re: Vader or C3-P0 Case

    I haven't seen these at WM since Midnight Madness. I haven't bought any of the cases thus far. They just haven't interested me.
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    Re: Vader or C3-P0 Case

    Still got some here.
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    Re: Vader or C3-P0 Case

    I see Vader here and there. I bought one each of Vader and C3PO a while back when they were in the OTC packaging for my kids. But I wouldn't buy a Vader one now. The pack-ins are junk and that whole label thing is ridiculous too.

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    Re: Vader or C3-P0 Case

    havent seen any cases in about a week...

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    Re: Vader or C3-P0 Case

    hi, i had to join just to say that the walmart in charlotte on mt holly/huntersville rd had 6 vader cases last weekend.also wanted to say hey to brentfett!
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    Re: Vader or C3-P0 Case

    I've seen plenty of Vader cases with the bonus clone trooper at a number of Wal-Marts. I've never seen a new C3PO case, though.
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