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    hard to get

    your stuff is too hard to get. Put it in regular stores so I don't have to deal with etailers. Thanks
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    Re: hard to get

    Wouldnt that be nice. But their last few mini busts have showen up at retail (like Suncoast, Media Play, some Sam Goodys).
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    Re: hard to get

    I saw IG-88 once at Media Play and that's it.

    However, I don't shop in those stores too often so that's probably part of it.

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    Re: hard to get

    I've seen a few at Suncoast, but like you Caesar, I hardly ever shop there. I have had better luck at a Sci Fi collectors store one town over from me. I got my Vader there, as well as all three Stormtroopers, Yoda, IG-88 and several others.
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    Re: hard to get

    I've only found them in stores like Suncoast, Hot Topic and Spencers, as well as local comic and hobby shops. I doubt we will see them at places like toy r us or kaybee toys due to the fact that they are statues with no play ability.
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    Re: hard to get

    One time this girl was playing hard to get, she said "didn't that restraining order teach you anything, Tom?"

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    Re: hard to get

    Looks like SSG issued a restraining order of their own.

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    Re: hard to get

    Look in your Yellow pages for comic stores. They can order it for you from the Previews catalog, where it is listed.
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    Re: hard to get

    I pre-order all my mini busts from AFX. They have really good prices and I have never had any problems with them.

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    Re: hard to get

    I used to order all my busts through They have had reallly good prices and have been reliable in the past. But recently they have not listed ANY new product which is not promising considering that GG has tons of merchandise on the way. So their reliability for me has gone down some. That and shipping time is a little slower than others.

    I think I'm gonna switch to, I've had good business with them in the past.
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