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    Kolar's supercool cloak

    I could be late on this one but Agen Kolar's cloak fits on Kit Fisto and just about everyone else. I'm getting 3 more Kolars for the cloaks so that him, Fisto, Mace and Sasee all have cloaks for my arrest of Palpy scene.
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    Re: Kolar's supercool cloak

    I didnt think it fit. I tired doing that, but it felt like Fisto's shoulders were too wide. It seemed like the cloak was about to rip.

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    Re: Kolar's supercool cloak

    hm...I never would have thought about that, yet Im a carded collector, so I guess it really wouldnt matter...

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    Re: Kolar's supercool cloak

    OK, I did it. The cloaks seem to fit best on Fisto, then Mace, the cloak has a tough time fitting on Saesee though. It's not so much the cloak but the sleeves, they don't fit well over the way his arms are sculpted. Fisto and Mace still look pretty good though.
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    Re: Kolar's supercool cloak

    I bought the figure in part because of people talking about the robe pieces, but it doesn't even stay on Kolar that well so I ended up disappointed.
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    Re: Kolar's supercool cloak

    I was looking for a Jedi robe for Kit Fisto, does anybody know if Pilot Obi-Wan's cloth robe from the AOTC figures will fit on Sasee or Kit?

    (I already have to swap Kolor's saber blade out for a blue one)
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    Re: Kolar's supercool cloak

    I don't think Pilot Obi-Wan is out yet for anyone to know that

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    Re: Kolar's supercool cloak

    No not the Episode III Obi-Wan Pilot, the Episode II Obi-Wan Pilot. He has a cloth robe.
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    Re: Kolar's supercool cloak

    Agen Kolar's robes look reeeally nice on Plo Koon! go ahead and give it a try

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    Re: Kolar's supercool cloak

    i've been using VOTC obi wan cloaks when i need a good cloak for someone, its the best made and fitting cloak i've found, and since i got 4 of the votc bens on clearence, i've been scalping them of parts, the light saber he has looks better than the generic one most figures get.


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