The following I got from Tfn....

Mercury News has a great QnA with the man himself this weekend from San Francisco. Here's a clip, for more follow that link:

You've talked about making more personal films when the ``Star Wars'' saga was over. You have the means and the opportunity to do anything you want now. How do you decide what to do next?

I'm going to produce the new ``Indiana Jones'' film, I'm going to produce a film called ``Red Tails'' about African-American fighter pilots. I'm also helping get an animated TV series about ``Star Wars'' called ``Clone Wars'' off the ground. I'm going to spend a year to 18 months getting all these things going, and then I'm going to start writing my own more adventurous, experimental films, which probably will not be as popular as the kind of work I've done in the past. But I like it.
I heard that there will be a third season of the Clone Wars show on Cartoon Network but I thought this new SW show will be... well new. It was my understanding that the new show was going to be live action and not animated. Is this the new show or is he just going to help out with Season 3? Or do I as usual have my facts wrong?